Gaia via Beatrice Madsen, April 17th, 2019


April 17th, 2019

Channel: Beatrice Madsen


I am the one who carries you, feed you, nourish you and watch over you in my own way. The big thing has already happened – the wave that redeems has gotten everything going. A spiritual tsunami has swept and is sweeping over me. The wave exposes everything, leaves nobody untouched and allows nothing to be hidden or dwell. It may hurt my dear ones. It hurts to be born, but nevertheless it is fantastic.

In order to be born something must die – the old thought patterns, the old ways of reacting: judge, condemn, smear and hold on to certain traditions and ways, it all must die in order for the new grow out. This is no simple process. I have been there so many times before and seen new eras being born in earlier times. However, there is a big difference this time. This time one will not be allowed to hurt me and in the new era you also no longer hurt each other. Of course, we are not quite there yet, but believe me peace is coming. It is now coming to a climax. Those that use coarse violence are now doing this for last time on this planet as the vibrations no longer are holding the muffled tones that allow this. Many are subconsciously choosing to leave me as they no longer can keep up with the rapid raising of energies that has happened and is ongoing. This can happen through coarse violence, which is the means of communication they have within them to show their frustration with. It is ok, as they have their path to follow and must follow it at their own pace. You do not need to shoulder all the negativity that is happening in the world. See it as a purge and it is as if you lack compassion if detach from all the violence that you hear about. You need to aware that it lowers your vibrations in sometimes an unnecessary way. Turn off the news and put down the paper. Play a fun game together or listen to beautiful music. Go out into nature and hear the small songs that the sparrows sing in order to lighten your heart. You are fine as you are and you give the world exactly what you can give, unique and special to you.

I am surrounded by helpers, dear ones. It is so fantastic to behold. The help is coming from inside and inside and the crystalline network is pushing its way forward and Agartha is helping me with its full power. It is almost as if I am in a pressure cooker where the forces of development are coming from all sides. The big great destroyers are completely desperate as there is no darkness to flee to. One after another dark truth is coming to light and I will sincerely tell you that you have not seen the all yet, me dear ones. Stand steady on your feet, feel my power come up in you and then down in you from Father/Mother above.

You are the master of balance that channels the new energy and we constantly work together. I lend you my body, you lend me your spirit and in symbiosis we move on to the next stage. What is happening is very big, dear ones, very very big. My beauty shines as a green-blue emerald in the sky and nobody who has a heart in their body wants to see me lost. We move towards victory, even if it is in pain, but is a birthing pain that moves through marrow and bone. In this pain you thought you would die, men then you raise up and see that you are very much alive, more shining, stronger and lighter than before and with a heart of purest gold.


Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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