Love is our new reality

God via Kerstin Eriksson, October 1st, 2021

God is here! 1 October 2021

My name is God and I love you!

Once upon a time, my name was not God, it was a longer name, but as time went by, you my dear children, you forgot parts of my name bit by bit.

Many years ago my name was Goding. And I loved you very much because you are my children, and I care for you always.

A little later you started to forget about parts of my name, and it became, Odin. And if you look on my name from the beginning – gODINg – there is a good explanation. Parts of the name simply where forgotten.

But I do not mind at all. I will love you anyway. No matter what you think my name is. Maybe my name isn´t so important after all?

Maybe the most important thing is WHO I am and what I do?

I am your creator. I am ONE of your creators.

Once upon a time long before the BIG BANG, there was a talk in my community about creating a beautiful place of diversity, a paradise.

And we, the gathered creators discussed and planned this very thoroughly before we actually started with the very process of doing the creation. And before we could see what the result would be and we saw a very loved planet of peace and love and freedom.

But we also saw that first there where some obstacles to go through for the people on Earth. They hade to go through some hardships to evolve, to understand the quality of love.

We, the creators wanted to create a place where love could be the greatest energy, but we knew it would take a long time. But it did not matter, time is on your side.

So we started to create and there was the well known big bang, which was the starting point. Then came the time, the evolution, the development.

There has been other civilisations before you, and we knew about this too. We could see this before hand. Because we could se all the result, isn´t that amazing?

So we are not worried at all. We know Earth will be a place of love and peace like a paradise, it will just take time.

Time can be your best friend if  you let it be just that!

Breathe in love and love the time as your good friend. Make peace with yourself and everyone around you.

It is always easier if everyone starts with themselves?

Start creating a little love-place exactly where you are!

You don´t need a big church to go to if you don´t want to.

Your heart is your church, and your faith is the directline to me God.

Stay true to your heart and fight for your right to have faith, hope and love with you always, they are the foundationstones in your souls temple.

I am always with you! And I love you always no matter what you go through!