Love is our new reality

The Master in the Crystal Kingdom, October 1st, 2021

Beloved Light Creatures, beloved people on earth,

We hear how you fight, we hear your cries for help.

Beloved children, you are struggling to stay in the old that is about to disappear. You must let go and enter the new.

Beloved light creatures, breathe slowly and relax.

Drop all the fight! Release ALL struggle in your thoughts, in your body, in your senses. Release all the struggles you have ever experienced, that you can remember ever experiencing. The fight belongs to the life you are about to leave, so RELEASE NOW.

Relax and surrender your whole self to your Higher Aspects, to your Higher Self.

“I let go of all struggle and I surrender to my Higher Aspects, my Higher Self.”
“I AM grounded. I’m founded. I am a person on earth who will now wake up to a higher aspect of myself, a higher consciousness, a higher life on earth ”.
“I love myself”

Allow yourself to LOVE yourself because in the New Age you love yourself no matter what you do, no matter what you create and achieve.

In the New Age, which already exists on earth, there is nothing but LOVE for yourself and for the earth’s natural flow.

Let go of all thoughts that you should bring your old thoughts, feelings and perceptions into the New Age. You should let go of EVERYTHING old and replace it with new thoughts, feelings and perceptions based on a love that you do not remember right now. But the new love, the New Age and your new self ARE already created, it is already done.

Your task now is to let go of the old, let go! You do not have to sort out and understand more of the old. You can leave it as it is and is right now because in the New Age you have no use for it anymore. Open yourself to your new SELF, your new LIFE, your new THOUGHTS and your new higher CONSCIOUSNESS. Surrender to Your Higher Self.

You have to understand with your heart now and you do that when you surrender, accept and let go.

“I surrender to my New Self.”
“I choose to feel and live from my heart, from my new self”
“I LOVE myself completely without conditions, completely without demands”.

Beloved Light Children, you ARE high-frequency light beings who incarnate in a human body. It makes you human on earth in this incarnation. You must change lives within one and the same incarnation. You have already created your new life. It’s a life of love.

You will see that the world around you changes so that your light is very clearly visible in the darkness that now floats to the surface of the earth. You are the masters of light. Show man your light and your love because that is why you are here – you are the light.