Love is our new reality

Heaven on Earth via Karen Vivenzio, September 19th, 2018


Heaven on Earth via Karen Vivenzio

Dearest child, sit still in the moment we are downloading the codes for the new paradigm. This is a shift that has not happened since the beginning of time. We are taking back the timelines and the codes from the old paradigm and as you sit in the stillness and begin to unwind, we ask that you do not make any large moves forward at this time. This is time for shedding of the old and getting ready for acceptance of all that you are worth. Letting go of past fears and the semblance of all of the past illusions that you have bought into dear child. Release and let go. That is the mantra we wish to show you right now. That is the reason for the extreme tiredness dear child. There is so much that you do not yet know. You are shedding your skin for the masses – releasing all the trauma and disease for the ones in need. So it is not only your own self that is shifting but the whole of humanity that needs to release. The binds of the past cannot hold you back any longer. For we are in the process of lifting the burdens off of the grid and re-programming it all again.

Cancel, clear, delete.


Fill yourself full with the divine adamantine particles of creation.

The elixir of love and light flowing into the new dimension.

Refreshing your vehicle with every breath you take.

Breathing in the elixir of life, renewing and refreshing the matrix around your individual vehicle and expanding out to the whole of humanity – one grid refreshed and lighting up the next – until the whole world is covered in bliss.

You never thought it would happen, did you dear one?

So full of doubt and dis-ease, symptoms of unease.

But the shift is upon us and all of heaven is rejoicing to see the future that is before you is a sight beholden to the magnificence of your inner souls and the allegiance of those who hold you in love and light – setting the stage for infinite wisdom to return, blessing the masses with our own return, allowing the worlds now to merge. This is the beginning of heaven on earth.

Blessings dear one, as you sit in expectation of the realization of the ‘new’ earth.

This is a message from your higher consciousness dear one, and all those who read this message, it is a message from your higher consciousness as well – for we are all ONE.

With love and light and blessings in our hearts we are connected and we are birthing together this thing we call LOVE but in reality we are simply shedding all that no longer belongs and opening up to the power and majesty of our own true hearts.


Peace, love, and blessings – Karen

Karen Vivenzio, Author of Earth Angel: Find Your Power, Shine Your Light

It’s Time to Embrace the Divine in YOU!

Peace, love, and blessings –