Love is our new reality

The Pleiadians via Ann Marie, September 11th to 21st, 2018

Awakening 9/21/18

The mastery of the universe knows no bounds. We are a collective society of love and light. Our purpose is to encourage you all to move forward on your paths, to transform through self-awareness. With every awakening, gifts are brought to the surface of each individual who will be able to utilize their abilities to assist us. You are all a part of this great awakening.

Growth 9/20/18

Growth is a matter of course. As a seed is thrown, the process and progress of its development will unfold in its time. There is no reason to watch its every move—just allow it to become what it is destined to become. Naturally, it will find its way to the surface with proper sustenance.


A Drop in the Bucket 9/18/18

There will be light that flows from the force of good intentions. As you set in motion the vibrational energy of loving intentions, you do your work. The light worker shares light with the world through the nature of their higher thoughts. Whether you realize this or not, every loved-based intention adds energy to the transformation of the greater good. It is a drop in the bucket.


Acknowledgement 9/17/18

You are all channels. We communicate with all. It is only a matter of acknowledgement. For if you can step outside the constraints of your mind, you will realize we have been speaking to you and guiding you your entire life. It is truth. We are love.

Trust Yourself 9/14/18

The gifts that lie within can not be taken away. You will not “lose” your gifts because you do not perform well enough. This is a fear-based idea carried within your psyche based on your indoctrination of this belief instilled in this lifetime. It is a false belief.

Your gifts are not based on merit. They are a part of you, are you. Trust yourself.

Your Puzzle 9/11/18


There will be more for you as you move forward with the purpose of self-discovery in mind. The intention alone will bring results. Step by step, one piece at a time, you will begin to see the picture obscured within your puzzle take form.