The Goddess of Hope via Beatrice Madsen, September 9th, 2018

The Goddess of Hope

September 9th, 2018

Channel: Beatrice Madsen

I am the Goddess of Hope and I greet you my dear ones. My color is light blue and I have existed since ancient times and I am as a wing beat of the great Creator. I work closely with Archangel Ametist and Archangel Zadkiel.

My energy is that of hope and each time a human feels hopeful my energy is in place and gets nourished by this feeling and I give and strengthen it. We are then One dear human, you and me and I rejoice and dance and shout out laud so that you feel hopefulness in the macro as well as the micro. It can be on a personal plane – something you long for and hope will come and it can also be on a larger plane for humanity and Earth.

During these times your feelings are very shifting and if humanity’s hope earlier has been as a still flame that glows within each person during periods it now goes very fast and varies in strength to sometimes become strongly burning and then almost extinguished completely. This belongs to this turbulent time.

I will stabilize hope within you. Feel the calm joy of hope within you as you face the dawn that we are in and which is in constant making. The hope you feel for the coming sunrise and the light future helps to manifest it and to get the positive forces going. Hope is a very strong and ancient force that always has brought humanity forward. The flame of hope is light blue in color and can be likened to Aquamarine. Its energy is glittering as when the sun’s rays meet the ocean’s billowing waves during a cloudless day.

There are strong forces that want you to feel hopeless and powerless – that you will remember your dark history and think that this will never work out. They work frenetically for you to feel your inability to create light and love and try to influence you to see Earth falling apart in war and weather destruction. Be sure to know that this is active manipulation. In these days when you have access to the internet and are in constant touch with social media and information flows and receive quick information from those in charge one can say that you are bombarded by these negative pictures and chaotic energies. You are also being told that you are no good as you are. You must look a certain way, often dress as uncomfortably as possible. All this is to bring you as far away from yourselves as possible. You should know that the stronger and more light carrying you become the stronger are their attempts to hold you down in hopelessness. The dark forces that so long have had a hold on you are these days in panic.

Dear Humans, I ask you to try to see beyond this. You are messengers of the dawn. You are golden seeds who are seeding the coming dawn. Tell your children and young ones that they are good enough as they are. They do not need to change themselves. Help them to see through the illusion. Everybody is good enough precisely as they are and the love and hopefulness within each human have no requirement to be a certain way. It is the hope and the love in itself that is important. The hope can also shine brightly within an old person. An older person who feels that she almost has lived to the end and is at peace with this feeling can often feel the Divine Plan and within feel that they are eternal, even if it is not expressed consciously within them. The flame of Hope shines in the feeling of being eternal, which will bring humanity forward.

See the beautiful dawn within you – Oh human. See how it takes over everything and the dark is forced to yield – how steady and slowly the light takes over when the rays of the sun increase in strength. The shadows are forced back whether they want to or not. Even when it feels hopeless and dark some day so think symbolically on the ocean and a dark troubled sky and how suddenly an opening in the dark cloud cover can show the sun who sends its eternally beautiful sunrays and which makes the whole scenario the most beautiful of piece of art. These sunrays are you, dear humans and light seeds.

I am the Goddess of Hope and I ask you to strongly fortify me in your chests dear humans. One day you will look back with joy and on your ability to in the darkest of moments hold on to the strong force of Hope and you will see that it was the vision about yourselves that carried you forward in the darkest of times. You will thank yourselves for this and in the rear view mirror be astounded over what messengers of the dawn you are.



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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