Love is our new reality

Hilma af Klint via Kerstin Sisilla, 8 december, 2021

Hilma af Klint via Kerstin Sisilla 8 December 2021

It’s me, Hilma. I’m so happy, I’m so happy and grateful at this moment. I have now been reunited with my Gidro in heaven, the one who used to talk to me before.

We have a kind of experience of “parallel worlds” today, Kjerstin in another incarnation, and I Hilma. A strange experience for both of us.

It was like me, Hilma thought when I was alive, Gidro and Rudolf Steiner, hereafter R.S. (says Hilma) – they are the same. In my incarnation, R.S. barely looking at me or my paintings, even though the one who sometimes guided me and who was closest to my heart, it WAS simply R.S Higher Me. MY DUAL SOUL, my other half.

I now also see “higher up in the spheres” – it is as if we, you and I, now in this now Kjerstin – rise up together and see what we have not been able to fully see and understand before.
That time does not exist – as far as I know, it may exist on another distant “experimental plane”, but on earth it was constructed a long, long time ago to give us these experiences in the Illusion.
We are rising now, as I said, together. Our so close, close contact with Jesus will also be shown to us.
Now, for everything is happening now, in this moment WE loved, you and I loved, the part / incarnation of me that continued in my path.


We discern our various higher selves, as well as several lives on earth at the same time as the Dual Soul. That I was a knight and Anna my Loved I knew and so did you. You also know that an incarnation of R.S. was your (Hilma smiles and says “spring, hihi”) father in Roslin. We have been crusaders many times because of this, (among other things) the experiences of St. Göran. He is we know now, Archangel Michael.

We are Kjerstin, in all our incarnations the Warrior of Light. In the time of Jesus, like St. Birgitta and so many, many other incarnations, we have fought for the Truth. I now also understand the pictures I painted, with the Holy Women. The nuns, Saint Birgitta and the Clara sisters that you have produced in our memory Kjerstin. We have also been monks, we have done war, we have killed, we have manipulated and tried in the way of falsehood.

But now it’s over, now we can reap what we sow. Now we can weave the fabric denser and clearer together. I AM YOU – YOU ARE ME. Now we also remember our origins. Everything is spinning so fast now that the heavens are opening.

This is the perfection of humanity, which is now happening.

The dual forces unite / unite and we become one unit.

We are united with the one who has been looking for you on the air for so long. We agree, we become one in one way, but at the same time TWO FULLY DEVELOPED BEINGS.

We return to “Box 1” where we started, with SO MUCH WISDOM to our Beloved God the Creator.


Hilma af Klint. I will return