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Inger Norén Channels Her Higher Self, March 20, 2021

Inger Norén Channels Her Higher Self, March 20, 2021

Be greeted people. It is spring equinox and now begins a brighter and warmer time that makes everyone feel joy and a future prospect for the better. It is truly a blessed time we live in and even though many feel depressed and down, everyone is moving towards a brighter future. To feel this way is also a sorrow over what has been cleansed away from the Earth and also from ourselves. It is a new time and a new existence that must take root and germinate like a seed and it hurts when buds open up.

With this time of change with great transformation for the people which in turn can become a bit chaotic, and everyone does not get so fond of what their lives have contained with difficult actions against themselves and others, but this is a thing of the past that one must understand and try to put behind. Starting by forgiving yourself for everything that has happened in life is a good start to love yourself too and it can be the hardest part. Forgiving others is easier than forgiving and being forgiven of your own shortcomings. This is absolutely necessary in order to be able to move on with oneself and realize that the only thing that applies to everyone in the population is to strive for a higher spirituality that refers to a higher dimension.

Be sure that everything goes as intended with the Earth’s shift to a higher dimension and that most people will follow. Those who prefer to leave the Earth now are the people that need more time to grow and rise in consciousness. It’s all right and they’ll join the ascension when they are ready.

The creatures that have a position in the atmosphere are of different origins from star systems such as the Pleiades, Sirius and Andromeda and more and all have different functions to fulfill. Unfortunately, not everyone is so friendly to people and would prefer to reduce the light workers’ efforts in the Universe and get a better position for themselves. This is something that will not pay off. There has already been a change for these creatures and everyone has suffered for their self-interest in the first place. The light workers should not have to be attacked by these creatures when they come to work on assignments they have been given by the various Councils in the Universe.

There will be a major change in the future in the atmosphere for everyone’s safety. The grief is great among those who want the light workers well for this change, but it is necessary for the good of all. The light workers must be allowed to work in peace and have respect from all other beings. Much of the work of ascension is the merit of the light workers, both in the Universe and on Earth.

As in heaven, so and on Earth.




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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