Love is our new reality

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Ishvara via Ann Dahlberg, 17 december 2023

Ishvara via Ann Dahlberg

December 17, 2023

Channel Ann Dahlberg

I am Ishvara and today I want to talk a little about where you are going, you people who live on Earth.

There is a great transformation of the Earth and all the creatures that live on it. The high energies that have now been opened up on Earth accelerate your development to a higher awareness and this in turn affects the form that you are currently in.

It transforms, heals and forms anew as your heart opens and your mind becomes brighter and more loving. It is a big transformation that is happening within you and it can be tiring and exhausting at times. Make sure you get enough rest and that you can be still within yourself some time each day.

Also try to be present in what you have at hand, as often as you can. It means a lot and benefits your own development if you are present in your daily activities. This is when you have access to your own power and spread positive energy around you.

There are many people who now need to experience that energy, as much of the collective negative energy is dissolving and trying to find a foothold where it can find a similar energy. All people have some form of negative energy within them that has been trapped during the thousands of years that you have lived here on Earth. Those who are aware can see and understand it.

They dissolve the negative energy by being present and viewing it through a higher perspective. The unconscious people cannot dissolve anything they do not see or understand and in between there are different degrees of awareness with different abilities to dissolve the negative energy within them.

Some can be solved easily, others may take a little longer. The main thing is that you have started, dear friends, because then it will eventually resolve itself. That’s when you walk around with a smile on your face and spread your joyful energy far and wide.

Some accept gratefully, while others may wonder why you are happy, when so many terrible things are happening everywhere today. They do not see the bigger perspective, that it is love that is behind everything that happens, so that the Earth and yourselves can be freed from the shackles that have kept you nailed down for a long time.

It is now that the hour of freedom can finally begin to strike and for many of you it has already started. They look forward to a completely different zeitgeist than the one they have now left behind. Inside, they have already started or built a new world where love is the dominant building block.

It is the opposite of the world they have now grown tired of and left behind. It is built together with others who are at the same level of consciousness and a whole new world is emerging that spreads over the Earth. It is wonderful to see, dear friends, a clear and beautiful light shines around these people and the Earth’s transformation increases for every person who seeks it.
A lot has happened in these last few decades and it is now intensifying for some time to come. It is therefore important that you draw on the energy and power that you have within you, to facilitate your own transformation. You are at different levels, but you are all going through some form of transformation.

Those of you who have already come a little way start to see things more clearly and you also get a stronger intuition. Your purpose in life takes on greater meaning and your gifts now dissolve as you mature to receive them. It is different for each one, but for the whole, all have equal importance. You are being helped, dear friends, to transform your world into a higher level of light and love.

It is by being present in the unconditional love that is within you that you lay the foundation for your new beautiful loving world. It is in this way that you help the Earth to transform into a planet where only peace, harmony and love prevail.

It is built by love and rays of love will flow out from the Earth and affect everything around it. It will be a big day, a big moment in the universe.

I humbly thank you for your work.

Great love,