Love is our new reality

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Ishvara via Ann Dahlberg, March 20, 2024



Ishvara via Ann Dahlberg

March 20, 2024

Channel Ann Dahlberg

I am Ishvara and today I want to talk to you a little about how the new age will be revealed to you.
It is a big step that humanity is now about to take, a step that takes place in your own consciousness. It takes place with the help of the physical forces that are currently affecting the earth through planetary constellations and activities on the sun. They also influence the consciousness of humanity and many truths will be revealed within themselves. It also happens on the outer global plane, some of it goes hand in hand because everything is connected and you can see it from a holistic perspective.

Yes, dear friends, there is much that is happening on earth today that can be seen by the more aware and attentive souls, and who are now acting in different ways depending on what they feel their task is. It doesn’t have to be from a spiritual perspective, it can be anything that brings the earth forward in its development.

It is a turning point in the earth’s history where the darkness is raised against the light at the same time as the light breaks down the darkness. It’s about getting a balance between light and dark, those of you who have seen the yin and yang symbol understand what I mean here. Darkness is not evil in itself, it is when it is out of balance and allowed to take over the minds of people that it can be misused.

The light and dark energies need to interact for it to be as good as possible and your world can regain its balance, so that the earth and people can live in unity and love for all that is. You are then part of the cosmos and the star system that you see around you when you look up at the sky that extends around the earth.

It is an exciting time ahead of you, dear friends, it may take a while yet, but you have already begun to walk the path that leads to your cosmic brothers and sisters. They experience everything with you now and support you as much as they can from the position they are in.

There are various things they can help you with, but you have to take the first steps yourself. Your collective consciousness needs to be raised a little bit and that is what it has the opportunity to do now, with the forces that are in circulation in your own solar system.

Yes dear friends, now pay attention to what is happening within you and do not let the negative dark energies dominate your mind such as fear, discouragement, irritation or anger take over what is happening around you. Instead, let the bright energies, those that make you calm, happy, loving and harmonious, fill your mind.
It is what humanity and Earth need most right now, it is what restores the balance between darkness and light in your world. There are enough of you now that can do so with the help of the forces currently surrounding the Earth, and the portion of humanity that is currently awakening. Earth and humanity now have the opportunity to make a quantum leap in consciousness to a higher dimension of light and love, so that the energy of love has a greater and stronger hold on Earth.

It is important that you who see and understand this message act from a conscious and loving holistic perspective as often as you can and are able. Listen inward dear friends and let your soul guide you, it knows the way and has the ability to calm an upset mind.

I know you have the ability to make it and you have great support from the cosmos and all the brothers and sisters you have there.

Light and love