Love is our new reality

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Ishvara via Ann Dahlberg, May 1, 2023


Ishvara via Ann Dahlberg
Ann Dahlberg May 1, 2023

I am Ishvara and today I welcome all souls who have now awakened on Earth.

What do I mean by that, well the universe is happy that the Earth is now in transformation and that an upward movement can occur, when many souls on Earth have woken up by themselves.

There is an opportunity now, dear ones, to really look deep within and see what it is that has been missing you all your life. With that, the pursuit of the material ends and a higher consciousness begins to emerge in its place. You begin to value other things and cooperation between people takes a new form.

Everyone is valued equally and accepted for who they are and the development they are currently going through
through. Doors open and new opportunities spring up like mushrooms from the Earth. New friendships and collaborations are concluded, which benefits both themselves and the humanity they belong to and serve.

Yes, dear friends, a new age is upon us, a new age with a new commitment and a greater awareness of how best to live one’s life without clashing with the universal laws that govern the entire universe.
It will give you all that you currently desire and long for.

Great forces are at work on Earth and it can feel a bit dizzying and confusing for many.

In the long run, however, it is the solution that frees you from the shackles that hold you to the past and causes you to wake up and free your soul from the prison in which it has been for the most part.

Now you can open the door to the love and light that you have carried within you for a long time and peace spreads within you and out into the world. All worry disappears and only a quiet joy and gratitude now fulfills yourselves and the world in which you live.

It is the step that the Earth now wants to take together with you, dear humanity, it is something to keep in mind before the changes that the Earth and yourselves can now experience. Changes that should be seen from a positive perspective because they bring a lot of good if you look at it as a whole.

Be in the light of your heart, dear friends, follow the advice or the intuition you get within. This is the advice I want to give you, so that you feel as well as possible. Any resistance to the changes that may occur in your life only makes your journey a little more difficult and new difficulties may enter your life.

That is not what is meant now, but it is meant for you to let go of the old and the difficulties that have arisen along the way, to now take in a brighter energy. It is time to create something completely different, where all possibilities are available and you then look forward with great joy and love to the work you do. That is what you must remind yourselves of, when you now walk in this time on Earth.

You had a purpose and the purpose was to assist the Earth and humanity by being here and doing the work with yourselves or for the Earth, so that an evolution can take place from a lower plane to a higher one. You all need to raise your vibration for a greater change in your world to occur. There are many souls who were willing to do this work and none of you are in the wrong place at the wrong time, you are all in the right place at the right time, dear friends.

You are doing an excellent job and great changes have already taken place with yourselves and your world. It is with gratitude that we see how the Earth frees itself and re-tests its wings so that a higher ascent can take place.

I feel great love and gratitude for your work and the courage you have shown just by being where you are in your development of yourselves and the Earth you walk on.

Great love