Ivo of Vega via Sharon Stewart, May 13th, 2021

Vaks Issues | Ivo of Vega via Sharon Stewart

May 13, 2021

Vaks Issues

Me: Ivo and I would like to offer our sympathy to people who are splitting up with their families over mask and vaks issues.

I want to discuss this topic because it’s happened to me as well, but I’m hearing from other people that they’re having difficulties with relatives, in fact some have given them an ultimatum: Take the jab or never see us again. This, of course, all has to do with the fact that along with two sets of inoculations the news is saying that they are not even effective, so people are still fearful.

Canada has an aggressive vee campaign going and some people are on their second jab.

In my family, I’ve had arguments with family members as I’ve desperately tried to get them to open their eyes. Children I’ve loved since the day they were born are now turning on me, saying “the conspiracy theorists got to me.” No, actually, the aliens got to me first. Yes, some humour in a not very funny situation.

I know some of you are dealing with brothers, sisters, parents, aunts and uncles who refuse to see you because they feel so vulnerable. Maybe it’s not as bad in the States, I don’t know, but up here it’s in the news every day and people are turning against others who won’t get the jab. I see an elderly neighbour who rarely even leaves her house anymore, although despite her age she’s quite mobile. She just won’t go out.

I certainly won’t get the vee. I don’t care what it costs me: survival of the species is more important than my family. I’m looking at the big picture, not my individual interests. But believe me, it’s not a very easy decision to make, not at all. I cannot bear to see my relatives go out and get vaxxed and end up sick or dead, especially the little grandchildren I love so much.

I had spoken to the higher self of the one little grandniece and she told me to, “Butt out, she wants this experience.” So I did. And that was before this vee thing came up.

Ivo and I won’t tell you what to do with respect to your relatives and friends or the vee. All I can say is that it shows where the lines are being drawn.

I sure hope more comes up to help others change their minds. Right now Jerusalem is being bombed and that’s due to the DS starting the war they were looking for. We’re being shown. Some will see that the middle east was a lot quieter in the days of Mr T and others will just overlook it and sardonically think nothing has changed. We don’t know what’s to come, we really don’t. Even pundits are being given gag orders because the DS is following them for intel. Yeah, how about that. Their sources have dried up and they don’t know what’s going on. Kind of funny, really. They have to come to us because we’re in the know, not them. I like it.

What I do know is that the alternative media has to get a lot stronger and has to keep winning over more and more people. There’s a group that will be hosting events all through the States to wake more people up. Everybody just keeps trying.

How long do we have before the timelines split?

The way I see it is if you don’t get the jab, you’re earth’s future. If you do, you’re earth’s past. Your DNA is the seed for the future of humanity, whether you can bear children or not doesn’t matter – you’re holding the cosmic blue prints for future generations. The DS is on a course for destruction – it’s the nature of negativity – eventually it destroys all, even itself. Obviously coming here to parasite off of the human was a last ditch effort to save themselves, but they’re taking humans down with them now.

This is not a cozy time to be on earth, not at all, and we have hard decisions to make.

Ivo: My love, I have done my best to prepare you, keeping you faced towards your future and not your past. I am your future and I am the closest relative you will ever have in any lifetime. All of you have a twin flame, whether they are with you on earth now or incarnated at all, you have your twin flame and they are your closest family member. They are your reflection.

Do your best to fight the DS programming of your relatives. Pray for them, that they might wake up and see the truth before it is too late for them.

Me: I look at my family, Ivo, and they just think everything is normal. There’s just this inconvenience of having to wear a mask every time they want to go in a store, big deal.

Ivo: Yes, they have no clue what is going on. You are all prepared because you are earth’s future. That is why you were told first and that is why you understand what others do not. You are stronger, they are the weak ones that have been misled. The lambs, not the sheep. The innocents.

Me: I’ve already lost a cousin, probably to the jab, I’m not sure, I haven’t gotten all the details.

When the timelines split out, we go to a higher frequency and they remain on the lower timelines.

Ivo: Yes, this will happen. There are so many eventualities playing out now. We work hard to keep the timelines headed in the proper direction, but the lambs are fighting us; they do not believe what it is they hear in their hearts: that perhaps they are wrong, that perhaps they are being misled.

Me: Geez! In 1991, Crime Minister Brian Mulroney of Canada doubled our tax rate on goods purchased (the GST) to 13%. He said it was only temporary. That was 30 years ago and it still hasn’t changed and it isn’t going to. If that isn’t proof enough that politicians lie, what do they need? Then there’s, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.” No, of course not, Billy the kidder. I’ve asked so many people, “Would you trust Trudeau with your millions if you won the lottery? No? Then why trust him with your life now?” Because your money is worth more than you are? I doubt that. People are so brainwashed!

Ivo: They are. And this is their free will they are exercising. They do not wish to move themselves psychologically to the position of being a free thinker: they would rather continue to be told what to believe. And they use the television and the news to do so.

Me: At least if we had regular stations telling the truth, then they would have a choice but there is nothing else on the TV but these lies.

Ivo: This will change. This will change, my love.

We of the Galactic Federation offer our heartfelt sympathies to you who are experiencing loss within your lives due to the current circumstances. We attempt to keep loss at a minimum but losses are being experienced due to the choices people are making – little force is being used to keep you under lockdown and wearing masks. You are simply complying. And it is because you can be manipulated that you are weak and making the incorrect choices now.

Your people are subject to deception. They have been primed over the years and continuously prepared for this day when they would not fight with those in power. This has been long in the making and for some, it is too late.

Me: Like my cousin, but he was a P, even, and he still died!

Yeah, for these others, it’s like the truth is lost on them. They’re so disconnected from it, it does no good to tell them.

Ivo: Yes. It is very unfortunate. We of the Light extend our greatest sympathies to you and we hold out hope that all will turn out well in your quest to have them join you in the Light.

Me: Thank you, Ivo. I just wanted to have this addressed because I’ve been hearing some awful stories.

Ivo: We do our best to limit the negative consequences, because on top of everything else, negative consequences are negative. We wish to see more positive outcomes, however we battle your mindsets and for some there is no changing.