Ivo of Vega via Sharon Stewart, May 28, 2020

Surveillance Technology | Ivo of Vega via Sharon Stewart

May 28, 2020

If you think people looting a Target store in Minneapolis is “bad,” stop following me.

I would not loot a store, even if someone in my family was murdered by a dirty psycho cop.

The people who looted the Target store were striking back at the establishment, many of them knowing full well who owns Target – the same “people” and I’ll use that term loosely, who own the judicial system and who operate it to their advantage. They are stealing from the Illuminati, and I don’t have an issue with them doing so.

The people who are doing this are sending a message to the Illuminati: “You can’t control us,” and I stand behind them. If you think it’s “bad” that they did this, you’re part of the problem.

These people have no recourse to vent their anger other than by perpetrating criminal acts. They, however, DIDN’T kill anyone, but some of them have much nicer homes than they did before they looted the store, compliments of the deep state.

These are not people of high means, they’re the lowest class of the class system, probably impovershed many of them, so they took the opportunity to strike back at the machine in the way they have learned in a system that disadvantages them. Good for them.

Oh yeah, BTW, this is why they want facial recognition technology everywhere – so they can identify looters.

Thanks Ivo. Police are being replaced with a technological control system based on facial recognition, cell phone location, security cameras and cameras at traffic lights so that cops can just sit back and do all the legwork in the office, then go out to your door and arrest you. Easy peezy.

They’ve already done part of the job: you have license plates on your car and you pay fines and charges for pay tolls just by having these plates.

Oh yeah, and they’ll also just dispense with courts so you go straight to jail because they have your face and probably some kind of ID information from your cell phone or your microchip. You are busted before you even do anything.


They say that everyone is innocent til proven guilty, well why do they need all this surveillance technology if we’re so “innocent?” Wake up.

Me: Ivo, this is being called out as a false flag attack on a black man in order to instigate racial tension. What do you think?

Ivo: My love, the Cabal is always trying to increase loosh and they are always trying to divide and conquer as we pointed out in yesterday’s video. Was this particular incident an Illuminati attack on African Americans? I would say so.

Me: Y’know it’s getting to be just normal to hear of these things. That’s the sad part.

Ivo: All is being done to discredit Donald Trump right now. The mayors and the city counsellors are speaking up to look like they know best. This happened just after it was pointed out that Donald Trump took a weekend to go golfing. Obviously, he does not feel there is such a crisis as many Americans do at this time.

Me: Or that was some kind of slap in the face to the cabal as well. You never know what messages are being relayed back and forth. The deep state is creating a major viral crisis and Donald flips them off by going golfing. It shows confidence on his part. And he may be laughing at the deep state because he knows he can take them down.

Ivo: Yes. The attack on George Floyd was a deep state initiative and they would be expecting a backlash.

Me: I think they may have been a bit surprised by the police station being attacked, then the Target store.

Ivo: The deep state are interested in increasing controls over your people, however, they have few resources compared to the Alliance right now. The Alliance holds the majority of the military as well as the reserve forces. Now they still are employed in the DUMBs and in arresting the Cabal across the world, so the cabal is more focused on rushing through technological controls such as cell phone tracking as they do not have the manpower. Just watch, there will be advances in facial recognition technology, vehicle scanning, and more attempts to take back weaponry from the citizens in the coming months.

The cabal wish to win the next election and should this happen, they will snap the cuffs on the American citizens immediately. Why do you think they have such a weak candidate in position? Because they believe that people are so fed up of Donald Trump that they will vote for anyone, but Biden will not lead the country. He is only a puppet.

They are on a short time frame and will be rushing through many of their new world order implementations now. Trump allows them because the people need to see who is really out to harm them and who isn’t. If you’ll notice politics are split out at a national level versus the individual states and cities right now.

Me: Yes.

Ivo: My love, as you know personally, as you can see by the responses on your Facebook posts, most people are sympathetic to the African American situation. You walked up to a man yesterday, a black man, in a truck and apologized on behalf of the white people who want to see this violence stopped. Your reaction was not an individual one. Many feel the same way. Sympathies are on the side of the people who, more and more, are seeing themselves as one regardless of appearance.

Whatever the cabal does now, it will unify people against them, not continue to separate people from each other. This is the effect their efforts are having now as too many are in the know. It can only backfire on them, and it is.

Unfortunately, there are some people who are victimized and who offer their lives so that others may see. George Floyd was one such person.

Me: It makes me sick.

Ivo: Understand, my love, that the Cabal do not have the resources they once had. They do not own the world any longer – that is back in the hands of the people. If money is power, then your banks are rich. The funds will be dispensed as the economy collapses. The Illuminati are losing more and more as we arrest more and more of them. Their underground stores are being pillaged by the Light and redistributed on earth’s surface to the needy.

They desire having complete control over you now so that when the time comes to dispense the funding, that they can take it out of your bank accounts. The last time these St Germain funds were to be issued, the 9/11 attacks took place. If they have complete control over you and your bank accounts, then they can retrieve the monies that were taken from them, or so they think. They cannot.

Me: Good. My interac charges are still high. Yes, I know, buy gift cards. I’ll get them when I can afford to.

Ivo: Good. My love, taking personal responsibility is key in all of this. When you continue to trust your government to provide to you on terms you find acceptable, you are participating in their game. They change the rules little by little to make life more uncomfortable for you, and before you know it, you are living on less, and have fewer options in life than you did before. All are going through this process, even the rich.

The cabal are losing power.

Me: What’s the next thing we can expect?

Ivo: I believe revealing pedogate to the people in general.

Me: How are they going to do that?

Ivo: Through the movies. They will produce movies to show the people this.

Me: A lot of people don’t care about Hollywood.

Ivo; Many do, though.

Me: Okay. So no economic collapse yet.

Ivo: No, not yet. It is looming.

Me: People are going to go back to work soon?

Ivo: Yes. Within a month or two we see people returning to their jobs.

Me: Oh, so this is what you’re telling me now…. videos will be shown of the Target store being looted and then they’re going to extol the virtues of facial recognition systems for store owners. They have to buy the technology. Then they can prosecute people. Oh sure, why do you think we switched to having driver’s licenses with our faces on them. And they say don’t smile. It has to do with facial recognition technology. Has to! So they sell it to the store owners and there you go – more control over the citizens and they’ll sell it to people on the premise that it will stop the prices from going higher because theft in stores will be easier to detect. Oh yeah, and those things you walk into when you go into a censored store, the scanners you walk through can take your photo at the same time. That’s probably part of it too.

So they figure if people can’t loot stores anymore, or riot, they have better control and the people who don’t know any better will okay it so they can feel safe.

Got it.

That’s probably the next big line of bull going down the pipes.

Ivo: Yes, my love. They always position themselves as trying to keep you safe.

Me: So why did that cop kill that man if he’s supposed to keep us safe? He did it right in front of a crowd of people.

Ivo: Yes. The exception. Different agenda, my love. When there are false flag events, these are attempts at further control initiatives, divide and conquer being one means of controlling the masses. It is failing. Many are beginning to side against the government as they see their liberties being removed. Some stubbornly adhere to wearing masks and believing the narrative. Future events will be carried out in order to snap them out of their complacency. Unfortunately, some will never believe they are being deceived. The majority will.

Me: Thank you, Ivo.

Ivo: My love, it is difficult to stand by and watch when these events are carried out against the people, because they are attacks on everyone, not just George and his family. You must band together because united you are stronger. Imagine in America or Canada the entire country of people united to square off against governmental control. With your collective minds focused on one goal – to achieve unity and to achieve fairness and a humanitarian system, you are undefeatable.


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