Love is our new reality

Ivo via Sharon Stewart, July 21st, 2020

Me: Ivo, I feel the need to speak about this. It’s still 4 months till Trump’s re-election, and I want to know what are these cowards going to keep doing to people to try to win over their vote.

This morning, for the second time I saw Bubonic Plague mentioned in the news. You know when they put that out there, because the news is controlled by the Deep State, they have something up their sleeves. Bubonic Plague was first released in the 14th century, I think, and it was terrible because they couldn’t stop it. A lot of people died and I believe that people on earth now would have race memories of this plague because of course whoever is on this earth now was probably alive at that time as well.

That’s why people are scared of spiders and insects, by the way, because when the chimera first invaded earth, the people saw them and they were also eaten by them. I don’t think putting out campy B grade sci fi movies about giant spiders is very funny, but oddly, it’s a bit more of the true reality that the cabal has released to the public. Watch the movie “Them”. It’s about giant ants that invaded earth, and same goes for ants. People have race memories about certain insects and this is why: because of the initial invasion.

I remember my poor niece’s reaction to seeing spiders, any spider. She’s scared to death of them. So these memories are very strong with her.

How many children approached a praying mantis with fear when in fact they are very sociable insects? Back in my childhood we used to have lots of them; now you hardly see them anymore. They’d sit on your hand and you could stare eye to eye with them.

I believe that when people display what appear to be illogical reactions to creatures, there’s a reason and it has to do with memories that have been repressed either by ourselves or by the controllers of this planet (mind wiping). All these giant bugs went underground and I’ve seen them in the DUMBs, so it’s not our reality anymore, but certainly the reality of the people who have lived and died underground. Horrible.

We won’t discuss people who are freaked out over dinosaurs or alligators or crocodiles. Now we can explain that easily. Although there are the raptors, dinosaurs who are actually our allies, trying to liberate earth with us.

Anyway, off of race memories and on with 2020. The bubonic plague has been mentioned in the news. There are parts of the world that occasionally experience it still to this day, but they say it is taken care of with antibiotics. I’m assuming penicillin or a penicillin derivative.

This may be nothing but I find I don’t tend to be shown things for nothing. Whenever I read the news it seems it is something of significance that I focus on, and that’s because I’m guided to see it. I’m not being self important, I’ve just noticed that I’m shown a lot of the things I need to see and discuss with others.

First of all, people, remember that the spread of chemtrails weakens the immune system. The immune system is what fights off all of these diseases, and the only way they’re going to kill us off in numbers is to compromise the immune systems of everyone on the planet. Then only the strong ones survive. This is what chemtrailing is done for. There is also weather manipulation, but this is the main reason, I believe. It was also stated that the covid virus was found in the atmospheric pollution. So there you go. By the way, you can work with the violet flame to rid your city of chemtrails. I do.

They could spread the plague that way. What I noticed is that the one state that it was mentioned as being in is Colorado and they said a squirrel tested positive. Do squirrels go in for healthcare checks or do doctors run around catching squirrels in parks? How do they get this information? Have you ever seen a dead squirrel? I haven’t and I live in Canada. So it’d be interesting to know how they get this information. I’m a skeptic. I don’t believe they do. They just have the virus in a bottle in Stage 4 Quarantine and they release it when Dr. “Jekyll” Faucci pays them to. By the way, as either Ivoor Ashtar predicted, Faucci is now the Republican fall guy. He’s going down and amen to that.

What I noticed is Colorado is a swing state. I may have been prompted to look for this information as well. It’s not Democrat nor is it Republican. Still no majority in either camp. I also noticed that there are many swing states up along the Great Lakes. I also remember that Ivo told me to move away from the border. With a swing state, if there is an outbreak of plague, they would have to take viral precautions, which would automatically make the state follow the Deep State agenda of masking, etc. The fear that would ensue for those poor people would encourage them to vote Democrat, especially with the media putting Trump down as much as they do. When we say, “Fear is the virus,” we’re not kidding. When your frequency is lowered enough, you’ll agree with the liars, not the Light.

How is bubonic plague spread? Through the air or through water? What’s to stop them from poisoning the water? When will it get to the point that the Deep State will put Agenda 21 in action and start murdering us in greater numbers?

One thing that really frosts my backside is that the people are being made responsible for the heinous acts that are being perpetrated upon them – they’re being blamed because the Deep State is not claiming responsibility for their actions. And this was always the case with politics. They blame the victim – us!

We have to look into the plague and see what precautions can be taken to prevent it. I’m considering moving over my non-compliance to wearing a mask because I don’t believe they work anyway, and I’m waiting to see if there are counties in my province that remain non-compliant. Because I’ll move to one of them.

As far as the spread of bubonic plague goes, wasn’t it through rats? We’re not necessarily rat infested anymore although there are other rodents like squirrels and mice. Apparently you can get it from an infected flea. Well, we have enough information to rid our homes and pets of fleas, although if you get your dog or cat vaccinated for fleas, you’re injecting them with pesticide. Real nice. Animals have died of that.

They say that the solution for the plague is antibiotics, but then the Deep State also controls the manufacture of them. I’d say if you have any left over medication, don’t throw it away.

The best thing is to improve your immune system. There are chemtrail masks you can make, and I do binaural beats on youtube and they really work. The immune system is really boosted when you take Quercetin pills. I use them for allergies. Healthy eating and healthy exercise also helps the immune system cope with its toxic overload. I’d say even doing a good detox would help it. Everything is stored in the liver, so detoxing the liver, intestines and kidneys would help your immune system. Be careful of using chanka piedra. I used it and ended up in emergency getting fluids because I was sick as a dog. It works. It just works a bit too well.

Fleas are easy to deal with: vacuum your house. Wash your bedding and any fabrics frequently. They’ll go. And don’t give them a source of blood. Tear your couch apart and vacuum it – every nook and cranny. Use a flea comb on your pet – outside – and wash your pet.

Well, that was a long question, Ivo, can you please answer the ones about when they just plan to start killing us off en masse? Oh by the way folks, Ivo channeled our book, “What You Need to Know Now,” 4 years ago and what he’s said in the book has already come true. The time he was speaking of is now – 2020. And I just saw COBRA mentioning that the Deep State is trying to split America into two factions. We wrote a chapter called, “The Divided States of America,” where that’s what Ivo was saying. They were going to split the States up, so Ivo’s accuracy rate is pretty high, considering we are regarded with a “plausible deniability” factor by those in power. Aliens don’t exist, remember? We still get censored, but we’re allowed on social media because “aliens don’t exist.”

Ivo: My love, we did in fact point these things out to you this morning. If you are of the impression that the Deep State is going to hold off on its nefarious plans, you are incorrect. What will happen within the coming year, and with Trump’s re-election will be absolute retaliation. Light forces are striving to clear out as many of the dark ones from DUMBs and LEO (Lower Earth Orbit) as possible and again, we ask the lightworkers to stop arguing with others and stop feeding them loosh. This keeps them alive and delays the liberation of the planet. When you continue to argue, you are playing on the dark’s side. They are prompting you to argue and they are the ones benefiting from your bad moods. It is that simple. Just walk away from the conversation because whatever the case, you lose.

Me: Thank you, Ivo.

Ivo: As for the bubonic plague, it is possible to morph the pathogen into something more virulent. They would have no objection to doing this especially in light of the fact that Trump is looking to win the election. They do not like losing power and will stop at nothing to regain it, and if that means spreading disease and creating more stress for your people, then that is what they will amount to. These are sociopaths with no compunction to kill.

We are taking your heads of state out of their positions and depositing clones or using holograms, as has already been noted in the case of the pope, to allow those unawakened to believe that earth is as it always has been. We are in the difficult situation of having to create a reality that aligns with the thinking of the unawakened while removing those perpetrators who created it. So clones and holograms are the way forward.

You are aware that trials are being carried out now and as you also know, these tend to be a long process. This will take time, the trial of all involved who are guilty.

Meanwhile there remain many factions of the deep state at large. We are tracking them down and arresting them, however they have such a complex system underground that finding them all can be difficult. Remember too that they have the technology to confuse our systems and so we watch for tell tale signs that we are dealing with a shapeshifter and then arrest the entity. We know them moreso by their entity names rather than the names you have given them such as your Hollywood actors.

We are indeed disarming military satellites, clearing out draco ships, destroying their world which hovers slightly above your world, reversing the polarity on many earth vortices, removing dark ones from the DUMBs, destroying their technology but then we must first reverse the destruction their technology has caused, particularly out in the universe, we are re-uniting the quantum fields around your planet to work in unison again. Any effort you make to help us with these things is most appreciated. Focus on helping us by sending us your energy. As one who lives on the planet, as opposed to not, your influence is very strong.

Coming up, we have the task of reversing polarity on many sites occupied by the phallic needles, Cleopatra’s needle in London, Washington DC, and many others. These needles create their own matrix and to reverse the polarity of the needle will help reverse the harm this matrix carries out on your planet. It will help break the pull of the power mongers over your people because these polarity reversals in your major points across the world lower the polarity of the energies of all who come into contact with them, and all who are influenced by these world leaders who draw on their energies. They are like batteries.

Me: What are they fueled with?

Ivo: Your energy. They take it and reverse it and put it into this power matrix. You will find these needles in many parts of the world of high power.

Me: Ah. I stood right in front of Cleopatra’s needle. LOL I saw something the other day on these needles. I always thought they were to represent a phallus.

Ivo: Not as much as a lightning rod in effect.

Me: Worth studying. Let me research their locations.

Ah yeah, New York City, Central Park

Ah, here we go…..

Egypt – 11

France – 1

Israel – 1

Italy – 13 (includes the only one located in the Vatican City)

Me: Geez! Look at Italy! They have 13 of these! This is a powerful place!

Ivo: Yes, home of the Archons and of evil itself.

Poland – 1

Turkey – 1

United Kingdom – 4

United States – 1

Okay, so the Egyptian needles, you’re talking about?

Ivo: They create a matrix of energy absorption and reversal of polarity. We want them nullified. We want this minor power matrix’s polarity reversed. That anyone can help us with by sending energies to these locations.

Me: Got it. If anyone wants the list, it’s on wikipedia under Obelisk.

Why would they have one at the British Museum, other than to show people?

Ivo: Knowledge is power, my love. And they stole this power from Egypt.

Me: Oh my God, yes. Now I see it. Egypt was a world power in its time. Steal the lightning rods and install them and you get the power they had. I’m sure there are more of those phallic like statues around, Ivo, not just the Egyptian ones. There’s the one at the war memorial in Washington. I think that’s different. It’d be interesting to know what they’re made of. Red granite. Hmmm. Doesn’t sound too powerful. Here, I researched this: “Rosophia (Red Pink Granite) considered a “guardian stone”, Because the rock enhances the ability to be practical and disperses negativity, it helps overcome skepticism. It also aids in diplomacy and improves people’s cooperation.” Disperses negativity?

Ivo: As we said, my love, they came from powerful places on earth and their polarities were reversed so now the rocks are counteractive to their origins. All rocks have energetic properties. They are alive. Just because they do not move, does not mean they are not energetically potent.

There are many of these sub-matrix power structures, including churches. Each different part of the world with its own deep state faction has different lightning rods. In the same way we built the pyramids to harness the energy of Gaia, the Deep State has produced their own energy circuits around the world. You will also notice that they are in heavily populated or previously heavily populated areas.

Me: How about that? Okay, so should we be worried about the bubonic plague or not?
Ivo: Never worry. It creates a bad future for yourself. However take precautions. Step up cleaning, look for flea sources, wash your pets, upgrade your immune system and above all, do not fear it. We are not creating these videos to spread fear as much as to warn you in advance of what is coming so that you can be safely prepared.

Always with the plague be prepared with good hygiene. Bathing frequently removes any flea eggs from your scalp and skin.

Me: Gross.

Ivo: These are precautions that should be taken. Earlier your world was not so keen on bathing, and this allowed for many of these pestilences to take hold.

Me: I know. I’ve heard stories. It sounds absolutely gross. Bed chamber pots that got dumped out on the sidewalk the next morning, and bathing once a year and the whole family used the same water. Oh my God. Thank god for bar soap and water heaters.

Ivo: And that has saved many from becoming ill.

Me: I’m nauseated now just thinking about it.

Ivo: LOL My dear, you have an interesting history on earth.

Me: Yeah, my favourite innovation: bar soap. That and the “undo” button on computers. Thank you Ivofor this message.

Ivo: My dear, you are welcome.

Folks, pick your favourite obelisk and send it love energy. As much as you want, any time you want.

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