Love is our new reality

Jesus Through John Smallman: It is Utterly Impossible to be Separated from Source September 10, 2022

Jesus Through John: It is Utterly Impossible to be Separated from Source

by John Smallman



We are all one, and yet as humans in form that is not what you experience, and the reason for this is that you made a collective choice and decision to construct an unreal environment in which to experience the unreal, the impossible – separation from Source.

And that is what you are experiencing, each one of you by your own individual choices because, by choosing to engage with unreality, you insisted on experiencing the individuality of separation instead of the unity of Oneness. And that choice remains an insane illusion. It is utterly impossible to be separated from Source, there is nowhere to separate to.

It is a little like very small children putting their hands in front of their faces and thinking that you can no longer see them! God sees you, knows you, and is with you in every moment because you and He are One. You cannot hide from Him, although you can pretend to yourselves that you are separated from Him. Your awakening is about ceasing to pretend, it is the removing of your hands from in front of your faces, and delighting once more at being in His totally loving Presence. God IS Love and therefore so are each and every one of you because you live in eternal unchanging Oneness with Him.

The intense joy of awakening into life as One is going to dissolve the illusory state of unreality with which you have been engaging for eons, because you have collectively chosen to release the illusion of unreality from your private and secretive mini-minds, your lost and deluded ego-minds.

It is now time to wake up, leaving the dreams and nightmares to fade away, as they will because there is no one left to recharge their power supply – the ego. Life is free of all limitations, it always has been, but you chose to imagine that this was not the case, and you totally identified with the material form from which your human bodies emerged, severely limited in their abilities to deal with and feel safe within the vast universe in which they found themselves due to their incredible smallness in contrast to it.

As you have been told so often, throughout the eons that unreality has been the environment in which you experience life, God is Love, infinite Love, so with a little rational thought it must become clear to anyone that She would never subject even one of Her dearly beloved children to the separation experience that you are undergoing as humans in form.

You collectively constructed this environment to demonstrate your ability – like teenage counter-will – to live separated from and independent of God. It has not been successful, and it could not be successful, because there is only God, the infinitely vast energy field of Love (use any term here that resonates for you) in which all that She creates is eternally present with Her in complete harmony and joy. What more could such a Being of Love provide for Her offspring? Nothing! You have a saying, “Love is where the heart is.” And Her heart and your hearts are One, so therefore you are permanently and most joyously united in the Love in which your hearts abide.

Your awakening is happening, Now! There is only Now, the eternal center from which all that exists radiates outwards infinitely, constantly expanding and extending Love to embrace every aspect of creation – Its infinite Self – with the felt sense of Oneness, of belonging, of Being One with Source. The joy of knowing and being in that eternal state is utterly indescribable. It can only be experienced, and that is what your awakening is all about.

Ever since you constructed your unreal environment in which to experience independence from Source, its underlying and changeless purpose has been to help you to awaken from the nightmare of separation in which you found yourselves. Upon engaging with it, by believing yourselves to be within it, you instantly felt lost and abandoned because you had hidden from yourselves the awareness, the experience of being eternally enveloped in God’s loving embrace. Not feeling God’s Love for you is terrifying! Consequently, since that fearful moment, you have been seeking outside yourselves – that is, within the unreal construct in which you are experiencing separation – the Love that is your life and your reason for living.

But Love is the Oneness that is God, and that is you! It is within you, it is found by ceasing to search the world for the things you believe you need, for the relationships that will bring you happiness, and coming into the awareness that what you seek is within you, it is your Self. That Self is your consciousness, your cognizance that you are aware, aware of your body, of other bodies, and of the world around you – things, material objects – none of which are You. Remove all those things from your awareness that are constantly demanding your attention by quieting your minds – your thought processes – and by just being. When you can do this, even for the briefest of moments, you will find yourselves in a state of deep peace and contentment, needing nothing and feeling the Love that ceaselessly holds you in Its loving embrace.

It will be brief because your human forms cannot withstand for more than a moment that intensity of Love. Nevertheless, you will never forget that most wonderful and uplifting moment – you may even occasionally experience further brief moments of ecstasy when you go within yourselves to your holy altars to meditate, contemplate, or offer devotions to Mother/Father/God. Your doubts will be dissolved, your faith in God will intensify, and you will know that all is eternally well.

Your loving brother, Jesus.