Love is our new reality

Jesus Through John: The Time to Reclaim your Freedom is Now June 5, 2023


Jesus Through John: The Time to Reclaim your Freedom is Now

by John Smallman

As the collective human awakening draws ever closer, be prepared for many surprises, some inline with what the MSM and other media have been suggesting of a far less than uplifting nature, and many more to truly delight and inspire you.

Confirmation of your individual oneness with your divine Source, Mother/Father/God, as well as your oneness with each other planet-wide in every moment of your eternal existence, will arise most powerfully into your conscious awareness. It will arise so powerfully in fact that you will wonder how you could ever have had even the slightest doubt as to the Reality of who you are, each and everyone of you – the Divine expressing Herself individually through each one of you in an eternal expansion of the Love that is ALL.

This IS who you are, each and every one of YOU! No if, ands, or buts, this IS who you are. It is time to get used to it and to accept it. You are each Divine Beings created in the likeness of God, for God’s and your eternal Joy.

You are each in an inseparable and uninterruptible Relationship with God and with each other. As humans in form you have, by freely choosing to experience life in form, forgotten your true nature, because this state of amnesia or unawareness of Reality is a major aspect of life in form, where you chose to experience the impossible unreality of separation.

Your awakening is to fully and completely bring back into your conscious awareness your knowing of this divine Truth, thus bringing you back into the state of eternal and infinite Joy in which you were created, and from which you have never been separated.

God IS, and so are you. All and One, a relationship of oneness and individuated differentiation so that God can experience Herself as One, as All, and in infinite variations of that Oneness.

Each of you is an absolutely vital and essential aspect of the Divine, without even one of you She would not be! And that is an impossibility.Divine Mother and Divine Children are in an eternal and unbreakable relationship honoring each other’s sovereign freedom, this is where and what you are and always have been.

Therefore, there is nothing to fear, ever, because there is only Love, the infinite field of conscious awareness into which all sentient beings were created, and where they are constantly present to enjoy their beingness.

Fear, as you have been told so often by so many who have studied it at length and fully understand it, is unreal. It is a device that your egos use to control your beliefs and behaviors so that you will constantly fail to realize that you are and always have been utterly free, simply because you were created free.

The state in which you were created is eternal and unchanging. Fear was established as an aspect of the life of form in order to rapidly draw your attention to something that could harm your bodies so that you could quickly move out of harm’s way. It was meant to be only a momentary sensation alerting you to a need for immediate action, and be gone as soon as that moment had passed.

However, your egos, by flooding your minds with supposedly threatening ‘what if’ scenarios, have managed to place many of you in an almost constant state of anxious alertness in which you find it almost impossible to believe that in truth you are completely free.

Freedom is your sovereign right as divine beings, and by living and expressing it you honor yourselves and everyone else! The time to reclaim your freedom is NOW!

You are all completely free beings, created free because Love, from which you were created and which is your true and divine nature, by It’s very nature accepts and loves all of It’s creation totally and utterly without conditions or reservations of any kind.

Love is infinitely loving and accepting of All that She creates. Judgments, reservations, conditions, and limited or non acceptance are unreal aspects of the illusory state in which you find yourselves as humans. They are part of the system you built in which to experience the impossible – separation from your Source, Mother/Father/God.

Separation is complete nonsense because there is only the infinite One, the divine energy field in which All that has, is, or ever will be created is eternally enveloped in that One. There is no outside or beyond, there is just that infinite and all-encompassing One within which you are each held in an eternal loving embrace, and within which you have total freedom to expand creatively as far as you choose, limitlessly, unboundedly.

To repeat: YOU ARE FREE!

When you go within daily to your holy inner sanctuaries to spend quiet time with yourselves, with Mother/Father/God, as well as resetting the intent to be only loving whatever may arise in your daily lives, also use this quiet time to allow yourselves to accept and know that you are, in every moment, free and sovereign beings. Allow yourselves to feel that freedom, to know the truth that you are, each and every one of you without any exceptions, divine sovereign beings created in Joy for Joy. Doing this is an absolutely essential part of the collective awakening process in which you are each wholly participating.

Do not buy into any doubts or feelings of unworthiness with which your egos may – quite probably will – assail you. When that occurs remind yourselves yet again that your egos are tiny, insecure, and insane characteristics of the illusory environment you built in order to experience as believably as possible the unreality of separation. When you awaken, as shortly you will, every aspect of the illusion that you constructed will dissolve into the nothingness from which you built it.

You are FREE. You have always been free, and you are about to know yourselves once again as utterly and incontrovertibly free. The most glorious celebrations to welcome you back into full and complete conscious awareness of who you truly are, most enthusiastically await the moment in which to burst forth brilliantly, radiantly and effulgently into a display of light, color, and music that will completely and utterly embrace you in a state of rapturous elation.

Your loving brother, Jesus.