Love is our new reality

Jesus via Beatrice Penninger, November 10th, 2021

Beyond comprehension, I affirm your fellow human beings.

My heart bleeds for you as well as my wounds in my hands and feet and my crown of thorns (warm, deep, still, sincere smile). You do such a huge task and you cannot really see the greatness in it yourself. It is also in place because otherwise it would have gone to your EGO and could have tipped you in the wrong direction.

You have come a long way … In a few months, the air will be visibly and noticeably easier to breathe. Gravity changes a bit (laughs), how is that possible do you think? Yes, your physicists get something to think about. They will try to explain the small differences in every conceivable physiological way. Suddenly, new words have been found for newly discovered phenomena, and everyone thinks that those words are obvious. You become a bit like balloons you fill with HELIUM, the frequency increases and the balloons fly higher, or like when you increase the speed of an old stereo, EP or whatever it was called. It does not mean that you do things faster, it instead means that you vibrate at a higher frequency. Have fun and see if you really become visible to everyone (laughs again), or if you actually see new creatures, a UFO you have not seen before. You ask someone else at the roadside if they see the UFO and they say NO. then there comes a third person who suddenly sees the same UFO as you. The others look at you with that look that wonders if they should actually call the psychological ward, but realize that there are already so many there so it’s no point.

I’m joking with you a little to ease your burden and everything I mention has a great deal of truth in it.

I know that each of you will be personally rewarded and healed when the greatest burden is lifted and that is how it should be. You, YOU, chose to incarnate and help lift the veils during this most difficult time.

Allow yourself, oh fellow man and friend of mine, to just be, rest in the small as in the big. More and more people are now in the foyer to waking up and some have unfortunately hurt themselves during the journey, however in the belief that they did “right and correct”. There you must be and relieve and comfort and care unconditionally about each other. There I am with you and I am ascended and mastered, light in touch and you feel my hand go through you. If you think of my name, I’m there and you can mention it “as many times as you like”. Finally, I merge with you and we personify the concept of Christ coming back in diversity.

I now bless you who read this and I easily touch your left shoulder. In eternity we meet and I am Sananda-Yeshua, son of light.