Judas Iscariot via Ann Dahlberg, January 22nd, 2019

Judas Iscariot

January 22nd, 2019

Channeled via Ann Dahlberg


I am Judas and I want to give you some advice today.

The first piece of advice is: Be careful with what you think. All thoughts are energy that spreads and can be caught by other with similar thoughts. If the thoughts are beautiful something beautiful will be spread. If it is negative thoughts and accompanied with a feeling of fear you will be spreading this negative energy.

The second piece of advice is to try to understand your feelings. Take a look at the feeling that right now appears, contemplate it carefully and then let it go. Feelings can appear from nowhere. A hardly recalled memory can trigger a feeling and you do not understand why you so much. It can be old feelings that now come to the surface and you are just meant to note them and they will then disappear. Old tensions in your body are now released and one thing after another can pop up and create havoc in your newly found balance. Yes, everybody can falter a little today, so the advice is to not let your feelings take you on a roller-coaster, but see them for what they are… only feelings that you now have trained on or will train on to master. They are your fantastic instruments for experiences on Earth and you have the opportunity to master these feelings and choose which feelings you wish to hang on to.

The third piece of advice is to bring together thought and feeling so that they work together with each other in a constructive conscious way. You can learn to master your thoughts as well as your feelings. The thought often triggers the feeling or vice versa, even if the former is more common. If you can master your thoughts you will at the same time receive a response from your feelings.

Advice number four thus becomes that it is important to think in positive terms. Note everything that is beautiful and good in your life right now and experience the positive feeling that is created when you focus on this. Put a belief in the future in your visions and see everything that makes life better for you and all others that live here on Earth.

Advice number five is that it is best to start with in the micro. Start with yourself and expand this to those closest around you. Enjoy everything beautiful that your eye can see and your ears can hear. Use all you senses in order to enjoy as much as possible of the day that today is. Your life will then go through a strong change that will put deep tracks in the path you follow.

Humanity is today facing a choice of becoming a master in her own life or to continue in the jungle of separation. Only your own heart knows the answer and that answer is now triggered by the strong energy that now permeates Earth. You who feel you are in a strong inner development have probably chosen to again take on the master role so that you can enter into the light. We have all been in the darkness, but slowly approached the light through all the experiences that you have piled up.

Humanity has after centuries of suffering woken up to again see the light of the day. A transformation to once again become a being of the light has been on-going for a while in your bodies and have soon reached its peak. It accelerates… feel inside you and understand that you quickly have advanced in your compassion and in your understanding of yourselves and the world you live in. Look at your world and see the high level of development it is in. It is just halting a bit between your compassion and your thinking. Love and your higher sense belong together – one must follow with the other. Your male and female sides need to be in balance in order for the result to become the very best for yourselves and the Earth you belong to. It is when your male and female attributes balance each other that the highest and largest form of harmony and love appears. It is now that your slumbering feminine or masculine power is brought to life and gives you the wholeness and balance that you so long have battled for.

Humanity is now standing at the finish line to again being born into the light in a wholeness of balance, power and love.

It is a large and beautiful day for the Universe. It is a large and beautiful day on Earth.

Much love,




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan

Source: www.sananda.website

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