Love is our new reality

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Judas Iscariot via Ann Dahlberg, January 29th, 2019

Judas Iscariot

January 29th, 2019

Channeled via Ann Dahlberg


I am Judas and there are now great winds of love energy sweeping over Earth. However, as all strong winds they hit with great force and bring much debris and will then calm down. The debris will then need to be picked up a calm accounting and contemplation is needed to see what now should be done in this open and light field. Your consciousness is now being tested, dear Earthlings, a little everywhere in the world. Do you let openness and light fill your bodies or do you immediately with a lot of trash in order to just fill the empty space. Do you dare to stand still in your own divinity or do you flee immediately to known places of illusory security. It can be worth thinking about. Many have gotten their legs cut off, but regained their footing and stood up again – Much praise to them for holding on to their trust and belief in the light side of themselves. It is a great achievement and it is you who choose, dear Earthlings. The choice is in your hands. What does your heart say?

Yes, you are in bewildering times and much is happening on your Earth, of both positive and less positive nature. The prevailing energy is however, positive and it is it that you should reach for. Father/Mother God is holding a hand over you so you have all opportunities to go the straight path now – The path that leads to the light and love in your heart. By following your own steps in life you contribute to your own and humanity’s development. You build this world together, which you have heard many times before. It is by following the path that your heart whispers to you follow that you enter into a changed world. The world is changing at the same pace as your consciousness is rising. Your conscious mind already has a different around itself. Your world mirror what you feel and believe in, but it might not be your whole truth. Perhaps you need to go a little deeper into yourself to find your true self, which is a part of all that is. Within you there is a light and true being who is waiting for you approval – A fleeting light energy that gives you the words of wisdom that you need right now. Behind all thoughts and feelings you will find your true self. It might be worth to think a little extra about this. Your true self is always ready to assist you, but needs an opening to find its way forward in all your tangled thoughts and feelings. The opening can appear when you are allowing and just let thoughts and feelings appear without engaging yourself in them. Be the observer and sense who it is that is observing. Can it possibly be your true self?? Yes, my friends, this is one way of relating to the world, but how will you master a whole world if you cannot master yourselves? It is a big question that one can ask oneself.

To return to the light, it is now shining steadily on Earth and larger awakening and a higher consciousness is now a result of this strong flow. Many people are now waking up to themselves and change their inner and outer world. This is the transformation, dear friends – this is the transformation. It is taking place through you, through the greater awakening that is happening on Earth now. Many humans stop and start to follow new paths that benefit themselves and others who walk next to them. Stillness can be created and then be followed by an explosion of activities. The world starts to sway and it is you who rock it, dear Earthlings. Let the stillness grow to a bridge that you then can walk on and complete your time on Earth.

The gates of Heaven are open. The bridge is already there. You just need to step in.

I love you so much




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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