Love is our new reality

Judas Iscariot via Ann Dahlberg, July 11, 2020

Judas Iscariot via Ann Dahlberg, July 11, 2020


I am Judas and I want to hit a heartbeat once again. The heart has a very central place in the time that is now. It is by listening to your inner intuition that you can take the steps you need to take now, because your intelligence can fool you a little, so it is important to have a connection to your heart. It is through the connection of the heart and intelligence that you can see more clearly where the path for you and humanity today is. That is why we constantly urge you to listen, listen and again listen, listen to your own intuition. It is the only and safe way forward for you, and whereupon the purpose for which you are on Earth today should be able to take place. You are all here for some reason, it may be big or small but together it can be huge. It is together as you now as a human being move forward on Earth. You grow so it cracks and the light does not wait. It constantly pushes you forward in the direction that stands for the light of love. It is this beautiful light that has made its entrance on Earth and has now started a transformation in people’s minds and hearts.

It vibrates a higher energy on Earth today that is accessible to anyone who wants to feel it. In any case, it affects the entire human collective mind, so that no one can remain unmoved by the warm golden ray of love. It has the ability to penetrate the hardest material so that new insights and restructurings can take place. However, it may take its time and it may take time. We are where we are and the light is based on the point in our mind where we are right now. Nothing else is possible, we can not skip certain insights and experiences even if the development is going a little faster now.

A certain part of humanity has started the new era of a higher vibrational light and it will only get stronger, for the evolution of us all the time forward to new heights, and the progress it provides for the Earth and its people. Some have to hold on to the wires or should we say the rays before the rest can follow and help raise the vibration using their own light frequency. It is an energy work you do, dear Earthlings, an energy work that happens within each one and which is then manifested outside of yourself. That’s what’s going on around your Earth today. Light and consciousness interact with each other in a constantly ascending spiral and it constantly increases in speed the higher the vibration becomes that you can hold in your bodies. This is an ongoing work whether you are aware of it or not. The more aware you are, the more you can increase your vibration by consciously taking control of your thoughts and feelings and focusing on what is good, beautiful and loving in your life. It’s a process dear friends, it’s a process you each go through with slightly different results. However, do not give up on love and the light never gives up on you, but constantly gives you new chances to raise your vibration, until you yourself can stand in the light of the higher vibrations.

Have confidence, have patience, fill your heart with love with everything you can see and experience that gives you joy and love. It is a safe way forward that gives the fastest and best results. However, all roads lead to Rome as you usually say, so whatever paths you choose, they always lead forward to the light that has now started on Earth. The light is transmitted from the Supreme Source of light to embrace each of you and it will also do so now and forever.

Now be the light and the love that rests within you. This is the vibration that the Earth has now begun to adapt to. The same applies to you, dear Earthlings. All your bodies, physical and etheric, are now beginning to adapt to the light of love, which is now shining with greater intensity on Earth.

I would now like to end by saying: Listen to the light of your heart and hear the higher intention of intention and love for yourself and the Earth you walk on.

Great love




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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