Love is our new reality

Judas Iscariot via Ann Dahlberg, July 31, 2021


Judas Iscariot via Ann Dahlberg, July 31, 2021


I am Judas and today I want to remind you that love is the greatest miracle on Earth. Yes, my dear Earthlings, Love is the greatest miracle that has ever existed on Earth. Love can move mountains as it is so beautifully named. What would people be without love? Yes, there are many answers or no answers at all, because development would stagnate and life would die out. Yes, you heard right, without love no life. There are those who believe that they can live without love, but it is not possible, dear Earthlings. A tiny spark is all that is needed for life to be maintained. It is when one strengthens this spark that life becomes richer and fuller in every way. Just look at the nature and the diversity of species found there. You can see the richness of nature everywhere you set foot on Earth.

Creativity in man increases with his ability to love. The greater a person’s ability to love, the greater his ability to find the solutions or create what is close to his heart. In the light of the universal heart, many great miracles can take place. The great geniuses of your day have found something greater than themselves. Something that brings everyone together and forms a great whole. When used properly, it can fill an entire world, but if abused, it can only stop at a fraction of what could otherwise be one of the great wonders that take place on Earth. It is with your capacity for love that you transform your world into a world of beauty, wealth and harmony for all people, plants and animals. Remember, dear Earthlings, cultivating your capacity for love is the key to achieving the changes you want to achieve. Start by feeling love today, feel it for what you hold most dear in your life, then let it go on to what you hold next dear and on until you come to what you hold least of all dear. Let your love wash over the most negative you know and understand that love can transform everything.

God washes over the whole Earth with his rays of love and slowly but surely even the hardest hearts are transformed. No one can avoid growing in his capacity for love, dear Earthlings. The suffering that you have or have been through increases your compassion and understanding for the suffering of others and you opt out of it for yourself and others. You see the value and love in your brother and sister and now choose the path of love, the only path that leads to reconciliation and peace for all mankind. It is with peace and love in your mind that you pave the way for your brothers and sisters who follow closely in your footsteps. There are many who are ready to follow you now, there are many who want to follow the path of love. They have developed a greater capacity for love and they want peace for themselves and their fellow human beings. They have opened their hearts and are now reaching out to achieve greater solidarity with the earth and all its inhabitants. It is in the meeting that you discover yourself. It is in the meeting that great things can happen in your world. Be firm in your faith, your trust and your love. It is when you stand in unshakable truth that you can be the rock that keeps humanity on the right course. You can only achieve this if you allow yourself to be guided by your inner wisdom, the outer has nothing to give, it will only mislead you and make your journey a little more crooked.

I end with the most important of all. Find your inner wisdom and hold on to it. Let nothing outwardly entice you to take other paths than those you find within yourself in the love that you are.

In loving service





Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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