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Judas Iscariot via Ann Dahlberg, March 11th, 2017

Judas Iscariot

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Judas Iscariot and I greet you all from above. Today it is the day of sleeping while at the same time as it is the day of awakening. There are now many who will awaken from their sleep and drowsily ask what is really happening in our world today. Yesterday it was like this, but now it has suddenly changed and how will I handle this. Yes, the answers are many and the answers will be slow in coming if you do not actively seek answers. The mainstream media is slow as molasses, but it too will wake up from its sleep. It will then be easier to adopt and understand what is happening. There will then be more paths to choose from and everything will become more open and allowing.

It is a time to look forward to, good people on Earth, and it has finally started to stir a lot so that even the large masses can become involved in its globe’s ascension and transformation. The whole planet and its beings are going through a transformation and it is time to wake up now. Prosperity is at the door and with it comes freedom and a life in abundance for all who take this in. Free will decides as usual, but there is an abundance of love to all. Everybody is dearly loved and can come along on the journey. This is a journey that brings you home dear children on Earth – home to your origin and the love that is waiting for you there.

It is splendid and fantastic work that has been done on Earth and which will now reap the rewards that so many have waited and longed for. The world will be rebuilt and with completely new methods than the ones we are used to. Now it is the heart and the love for all things living on Earth that is guiding the handling and rebuilding of our Earth. My heart is singing with joy when I see this work making progress and as it takes ever more space on the Earth that I so dearly love. Gaia is celebrating the joy of its triumph and is heaping as much love as she can over you now dear Earthlings. She is deeply grateful and happy for all the work you have carried out and the great courage you have shown. It has also yielded results, which will be shown now when all your projects will manifest. It is happening now dear Lightworkers, your projects are starting and the great wait is at an end. It is now that it is happening so be ready to contribute with your part. It is rewarding work that you have in front of you – to give and receive love to your selves and all others that need a little help along the way. Be proud and grateful for this favor to be allowed to help your world to get on its feet again with all the love that is in your hearts.

It is love that shows the way for you to go and how to handle the work that you perform. It is with a humble attitude that you will handle your work. You are large loving servants to the world and the planet that you right now inhabit. Do not forget that you also have walked far in order to be able to be where you are today. You have followed many paths and roads before you found the right one leading home. However, you are here now and this we are most grateful for. You receive all the love you wish to have for the path that you have chosen now. Roses are spread on your path and the sound of wonderful music will help you go forward now. You are so dearly loved and every step that you take is noticed and help is all the time available. For every soul that receives help and wakes up to its grandeur a rose is placed by his/her feet to be picked up and put next to the heart. Your guardian angel puts it by your heart and it helps you to reach your own goal. We have all a path to follow and a goal to reach in life. This life which is one of the most important earth lives and a favor to be able to experience. Yes, enjoy your life dear people on Earth and do as much as you can in order to find your heart, which is your best guide now. If you follow it you cannot get lost. It will lead you all the way home.

Yes, these are wondrous times and the future is bright my friends. I leave you know with love in my heart.







Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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