Love is our new reality

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Judas Iscariot via Ann Dahlberg, March 11th

Judas Iscariot

Sunday, March 11, 2016

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Judas Iscariot and I greet you all from above. Today the sun shines on you all, and we great you with the melody of the new age. The melody has a light and beautiful tone that catches on and vibrates in everybody’s heart. Joy is born in people’s hearts and is spread slowly among the masses. Even the most poor can have hope and trust now. Their existence is now improved significantly with the help of funds and new technologies. Our joy flows when we see and feel their gratitude. It comes deeply from the heart and the small children have started to have sparks of hope and trust in their eyes for humanity. The gratitude is large up here as you have upheld the torch of the light, even when it has looked darkly. Now you can reap what you have sown in the form of gratitude and joy from many people. This joy also affects you since we are all one and we build this Earth together.

The joy is spreading so to say and so do the changes. Everything is a matter of balance. One thing must balance the other before something new can happen. Be sure that many things are on their way on our Earth, even if not all of you can see them yet. The time of awakening has started and there are thousands that wake up every day now and who understand what is going on with the world – Your world that is changing from sleeping to being awake. It is like it is stretching out a bit and wonders what has happened and how it could happen. All of this you will get an answer to at a suitable moment. Now the energy must be funneled to the most necessary changes on Earth so that all can live well. Everybody should be able to get what they need without having to fight for the last drop of water or bread. There is more than enough for everybody.

Trust yourself and your intuition and that all is there for you. Go inside.. go inside…go inside, you have the answers there. It is important that you are in touch with your heart, in order to be able to follow the road you have chosen. It becomes straighter and simpler if you follow it. Listen to the small wispers inside and do not be afraid to choose another road. That road might be easier and simpler to follow once you dare to go there. It is your trust in your self and your guides that determine your decisions today. We help you in the best and easiest ways, but it is your road in the light that we follow. That road can be found in your heart. Ask for help to listen if you need that. We are there and we help you. In your silent moments you can hear us. We wait for you, we have much patience and see every attempt from your side as a victory. Every new attempt leads you closer to the goal – your own goal my dear. The goal you had when you decided to rebirth on this Earth. You are a brave soul and you will find your way home in the end.

With great love for you All I wish you a straight and light journey home.



Translation from Swedish: Per Staffan