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Judas Iscariot via Ann Dahlberg, October 4, 2020

Judas Iscariot via Ann Dahlberg, October 4, 2020


I’m Judas and I would just like to leave a few words today to make you understand where you are going. You are on your way to a peaceful kingdom, a kingdom ruled by the highest good within yourself. It is when you are led by your higher self, which in turn is connected to all that is, your Father God, if you prefer to put it that way. You have then surrendered to your higher purpose, the purpose you chose when you went down to Earth. The peace you feel when you put your personality, your ego aside, and put your body, your soul in the hands of the one who knows your purpose, it is indescribable. The only thing you want is to rest in this peace and feel how all tensions dissolve and how you can now rest and be safe in who you really are. It is now that you become the rock that humanity and the Earth both need. Glimpses, you have experienced this, dear Earthlings, sometimes for a little shorter and sometimes for a little longer.

Some of you have started to stop and ask inwards before taking a new step, others have started to focus your attention inwards for each step they take during the day. Those of you who do have come a long way in finding their kingdom of heaven on Earth. It is in the stillness and tranquility within yourself that you can find the kingdom of heaven that you seek. You can also be the guide for others who have embarked on the same path as yourself. Together you grow in strength and the world outside you changes at the same pace, but it can happen with a certain small delay. The world changes when people change in soul and heart. There is a synchronicity in it, the same goes for the Earth, for everything, for the universe. Everything is interconnected and interconnected and one affects the other. Everything belongs together, grows, moves and becomes. Nothing can stand still even if it is sometimes perceived as such, it vibrates with energy in everything, in everything and everywhere.

You are all a bundle of energy, dear earthman, no matter how tired and dull you feel. You are simply using it the wrong way. When you have learned to manage all your inherent energies, you have all the strength and power in the world. For a bright and good purpose, you can conquer the world, and enjoy the life you live in a world that is completely open to you and it will give you the opportunities that your heart longs to do.

I am the way, the truth, and the life, Jesus said as he walked the earth. He showed the way for a new way of thinking, living and feeling, a way that would lead out of the darkness and into the light. It was a loving path, a path that was about forgiveness, forgiving oneself and others, loving oneself and one’s neighbor without reservation. A path that leads to peace within and you understand that you are “one” with each other, your earth and your heaven. It is in this peace and in this certainty that you will act in everything you encounter in your life.

It is said that practice gives skill and that without practice you will not get that far. The energy that revolves around your world today triggers you to practice this skill, and many of you are forced to new insights and to a higher development of the skill that was once Jesus’ cold. Now it’s yours, and the message of love is now being heard all over the Earth. “You shall love your neighbor as yourself. What you do to your younger brothers, you also do to yourself. ”

Be in love, live in truth, be faithful to who you are deep down. Your true self rests within you and does everything to be heard. The time has come to take care of yourself, your neighbor and your world. It can be important to rest in yourself a little now and then during the day, see your own thoughts and feelings, and if necessary and possible change them into a loving message. The energies flow on Earth and you need to stop and shape them to the best of your ability for a calm and true experience of peace and love.

I now leave you in love and in firm confidence that you will find the peace and the love that you seek.




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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