Love is our new reality

Judas Iscariot via Ann Dahlberg, September 15, 2020

Judas Iscariot via Ann Dahlberg, September 15, 2020


I am Judas and today we will talk about consciousness on Earth. Earth awareness has been raised. It releases more and more darkness and that is what you will experience now in different ways, including through landslides and tsunamis. A consequence of this is that humanity’s consciousness is raised. The human collective also emits a lot of darkness, which you can now experience a little everywhere on Earth. The higher consciousness draws your attention to light and darkness at the same time. You now see what the light wants to tell you, you see where the Earth is going. In the light of the higher consciousness the path becomes clear, but in the light of the lower consciousness the picture is very cloudy and for some it becomes extremely confusing.

Those who are awake work their way to the light in different ways. Their intention is to bring down more light to themselves and the Earth. The confused remain and do not really know in which direction to go, who or what to believe. They need advice so that they can go within themselves, to find their own guidance. No human being can follow the path of anyone else, they can only encourage the pursuit of a higher purpose, a purpose that applies to themselves as well as to all of humanity. It is when you unite in a true and loving brotherhood and sisterhood that you move your world forward to higher heights of light and love. It is in the meeting with other people that you show the way and the way that you show it is dependent on your own consciousness. The growth takes place within you and then radiates outwards.

The development takes place all the time in stages, to then be consolidated and manifested before the next step can be taken. These are the steps we refer to in these messages. A step is a step up in higher consciousness. Before a new step can be taken, it must be incorporated into your personality and actions. You are and now live in the consciousness that you have attained. It is this journey that has intensified on Earth in recent centuries. The stairs are getting narrower and the steps smaller. It can be difficult to keep up with the rate at which awareness is now rising on Earth. The confusion can therefore be great and many are hesitant about which path to follow. It may feel like a brake, but there is nothing today that can slow down development on Earth. It is advancing in a certainty that goes beyond this world. It knows its purpose and settles down where it can and takes any resistance calmly. In silence, it slides on and shines its light and sows its seeds of love wherever it travels across the Earth. In some places it has gained a larger foothold in others, small seeds have fallen down. These small seeds will also eventually germinate. Those who have already taken root should nurture them with tenderness and love. Let them grow strong so that they can become the most beautiful flowers whose beauty lights up the whole Earth. A beautiful example for those who are hesitant at the roadside. They can then begin to grow in the direction of the light because it is the light that is now waiting for them. The consciousness of light is patient and strong, but you are all part of this consciousness, so your participation is more than lovingly welcomed.

Go to the light now, dear children. It’s here to take you home. Your inner longing will take you forward on the path to the abode of light, the abode that you are now meant to enter into with your dear Mother Earth.

Great love




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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