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Judas Iskariot via Ann Dahlberg, November 11th

Judas Iscariot

Friday, November 11th, 2016

Channel: Ann Dahlberg

I am Judas Iscariot and I greet you all from above. Today I have come to calm many souls that had thought what has happened would not happen. They feel betrayed, because they see it from their own narrow perspective. The larger perspective is hard for the common man or woman to see, as it includes a more global perspective. There is only a very small group of the population on Earth that has this perspective today. It would not work otherwise. You have a saying “the more cooks the worse the soup”. There is much to this. The balance rests in the hands of far advanced and conscious people. They are in constant dialogue with their Higher Self and their Higher Guides and they are led step by step forward towards the goal.

There is a large mass of people that is going to march forward towards the goal and they in turn find themselves at many different conscious levels. Everybody needs to work with their trust and love and not everybody has achieved this understanding yet. However, it is not necessary that everybody needs to fully aware or even awake in order for Earth to continue with its development. There is only a critical mass that is needed in order for all to happen at the pace that is intended. This is where we are now dear children on Earth, and all happens exactly as it is intended and planned. You will soon be able to see and understand that it is so.

Your future is bright and the darkness has given way. Many people now allow their own darkness to come to the surface and then let it disappear. Do not be afraid of your own darkness, you have been captive in a troublesome and fearful time. Accept that you have been as you have been and then let it disappear. See and understand that your own light that you have hidden away is now on its way to come to surface and take its place in the sun and in your life. All of us have struggled much and shaken off one negativity after another. We have opened up for a larger understanding and forgiveness of yourselves and your fellow man. You are strong and brave and have prepared the way for a higher consciousness to be born on Earth. Some of these already conscious children that are born on Earth may be part of your family. They come down in order to help you and the rest of humanity to ascend to “higher heights”.

A higher consciousness has been born on Earth and Gaia cannot be happier than she is right now. The triumph is sounding out from her heart and out in the world today. All her crystal children have arrived to stabilize the New Earth to the Golden Age, which has just started. We rejoice with her and all those that live on the surface of Earth and who can partake of the love, which flourishes there. Feel the wings of love. They surround you now and try to get your attention. The time is here. The time is now. What is most important is that you feel the harmony in your hearts and let it spread out in the body to the people you meet.

Understand my dear children on Earth that you find yourselves in the most important of times. You should be proud and happy. You should be loving and open for the new that is now coming into your world in different ways, whether it is personal or global. In the micro as in the macro is an ever reappearing phrase, as it is very true and important to absorb. See what is inside you and you will see what is on the outside. How do you want your life? You are the conductor and can catch the highest tones or choose to remain in a lower frequency. The choice is yours. Seek inside yourself and find the answers there. Affirm the positive that your soul and your guides lead you to or affirm your fear and remain a little longer in your own negativity. Everything is possible today, dear children. If you have enough of love and trust in your heart you can live your life exactly as you want to live it, which is the highest good for yourself and your fellow humans.

With so much love,






Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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