KaRa via Kerstin Sisilla, May 21st, 2019


May 21st, 2019

Channel Kerstin Sisilla

Hello sisters and brothers!

Know that you are marching rapidly towards your freedom – freedom after a long time in slavery. The chains around your ankles are loosened as you discover your own beauty and strength. Look at your self in the mirror and discover that your eyes have a new radiance – a new depth. Breath deeply and look into your beautiful eyes, the mirror of your soul. See the wisdom and knowledge that is there.

You all carry the knowledge of everything, you all carry the memory of the paradise that existed on Earth. Give yourself a moment to remember. Sit or lie down comfortably. You you all now can see the paradise in front of you and visualize it forms a picture of the paradise and you impact the developments of events. Experience the love from the inside of Mother Earth, the beauty in nature with oceans, mountains, trees and plants. Sense the smell of your favorite flowers and hear the song of the bird that goes straight into your heart. See the dolphins who jump in the ocean while you walk barefoot on the beach and feel the sand tickle between your toes. If you want to you walk out into the ocean and swim with the dolphins and take in their joy and love in your heart. Maybe you lie down on the beach and listen to the rippling of the waves and feel the wind caress your warm body in the sun.

Laying here you can travel to wherever you want, to your own memories from wonderful places around the Earth. Take in Mother Earth’s grandeur and beauty in your open heart. Rejoice over the wonders that exist everywhere around you – from the tiniest little creature to whales and elephants. Feel that you have many sisters and brothers on Earth with the same memories as you. Take their hands and feel the strong love between you. Feel how the light and the love spreads from all of you out over the surface of Earth and into all animals and people around the Earth – into the mountains, down in the oceans and lakes in gratitude over all the gifts you always have received from Gaia in all here existences. Send gratitude to Mother and Father God who have created all this together with you. See your own greatness. See how you are Gods and Goddesses in your own lives. See how you regain your strength, your ability and your insights and can savor this wonderful journey back to paradise on Earth. Your time is now. You have many followers here in the spiritual world that are right next to you with support and love in each moment – ready to help you when you ask for it.

Yes, we love you so much.




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan

Source: www.sananda.website

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