Lady Gaia via Iris, July 7th, 2019


07 / 07 / 2019 Lady Gaia Frequencies


“Beloved souls,

may the light fill you. It is what is at your disposal! Waves of love and light flood the levels and an elevated unit of light is ready.

We transform on the inner levels and cellular segments in particle velocity. I am pleased with how everything is evolving and adapting. The restrictive tries to grasp but its power disintegrates.

With the new light waves body and mind systems are adapting anew. Gamma sequences of creation circulate in them. I open the larger, lower levels so that the light lattices which spread from the earth’s interior upwards and offer a reinforcing possibility of transformation. Everything is going according to plan.

Time dissolves and the NOW is reflected in the eyes of those who flow at the frequencies of light. I look at you all and at your developments. Ask yourself what is still important and what the past needs. Decide wisely.

In love I greet you and am at your side. Together we walk the path of ascension, knowledge and light. Be ready for new ways”.


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