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Mother Divine via Karen Vivenzio, July 3d, 2019


Mother Divine via Karen Vivenzio

Dearest child- you are a magnificent shining beacon of glorious Creator light. Your life is but a mirage – a creative canvas on which you paint new experiences day after day. This is a way station, a holding place, an earthly vessel – a ship on which you have arrived to witness most extraordinary times. Not everyone who volunteered was allowed to arrive at this time. This is most auspicious, it is a deep honor for you to join the human angelic tribe at this time. For never before has humanity been on the brink of such a tremendous turning point.

The lights are shining far and wide.

The ships in the skies are stationed close by, waiting for the time when contact will be made and not in fright.

For we are welcoming in huge amounts of light, boring through the holes in the atmosphere to envelope you here.

There are many millions of us on the ground, setting the stage for the new life you have found. Founded on sense of purpose, in service to the millions more who need us. For we are the tribe of light and we have arrived to welcome in the incoming light and all the forms of life that will stream forth now and in the coming days. It is not far off. We know you have heard us say it before, but for real, for truth is now coming forth. It has started streaming in from many dimensions, now that the openings have begun to release allowing the incoming flux of light to remove all debris from the atmosphere around the earth has begun to give way to a less structured, more fluid / porous barrier of sorts. It is from here that you will be joining your brethren in the universe – where you will meld with your Mother Earth into the heavens above and all will become one – part of the multi-verse stem of Creation.

New sounds will stream forth.

Waves of color and light will weave in and all around you, awakening within you the desire to find the wisdom of the ancient and holy tribes. It is there, within the deep divide, that you will find messages from the masters that transcend all time. For you will know when you arrive. For you will be filled and surrounded by a deep abiding faith in the goodness of humankind and it is from this place of harmony and grace that you will start to heal all the divides and become one once again with your own special light tribe.

For there are many tribes of light, not just one dear child.

There are many facets of the divine within you dear child.

There are many colors within the rainbow tribe of light – there are the Angels, the Masters, the Hologram types, there are the Fairies, and Others, all kinds of great lives. We know this must seem strange to you but awaken your inner heart dear child and see every one, every being of light around you, as a master of some kind, weaving their own inner magic into the infinite fabric of light to heart of the new creation that is beaming and breathing all around you. For you are the magic of the new dawn and we have been waiting for you to turn the lights on.

With love and great blessings we stand by your side – Your Mother, Your Father, dear Clementine.

Open your hearts to the love deep inside and allow it to heal you – one at a time.

For I AM Your Mother Divine and I now bless all creatures of light, weaving in the fabric of a new life.


With love, light, and blessings – Karen

Via Karen J. Vivenzio,

Author: EARTH ANGEL: Find Your Power, Shine Your Light

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