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Madjo from the Crystalline Energy in The Higher Kingdoms, March 10th, 2018

Madjo from the Crystalline Energy in The Higher Kingdoms

Saturday, March 10th, 2018

Channel: Carina


I am Madjo and I wish to transmit a loving perspective on your life from my crystalline energy world in the higher kingdoms.

I find myself in a high dimension of time and space where light and love is what exists. I wish to transmit a high, crystalline energy of love to you in order for you to remember the true crystalline energy within yourself. I can see a very beautiful picture of you when I connect with you and my wish is that you now choose to open up a channel between yourself and my sphere in order to let through the light and the love that I wish to provide you with.

Give yourself time to open up your heart by taking this moment to zoom out and get a more loving view of why you actually are here. Choose to see yourself as a high being who has stepped into this time period where you now are in the energy that is your physical body.

I ask you now to view your life as a painting – A painting that contains all that you have in your life on Earth. I wish that you for a moment view the painting from a distance in order to have a larger and wider perspective on the fact that you are here to experience exactly your painting in this life and that you largely decide by yourself from different parts of yourself how the painting should look when it is finished and you return home to the higher energies of yourself again.

I wish for you to look at your painting and understand that the purpose of it and all other paintings you have created through your life is to create something that will give the beholder an experience. The beholder in this case is you in the higher sphere where you have yourself anchored. You are at this high plane a creation of love and your wish has been to experience other energy parts of yourself to give you a perspective of who you are. You knew when you came down in energy levels with this part of yourself that you would get to experience opposite sides of yourself, but that you always would be anchored in yourself and that the highest purpose of the ascension always would be to find your way back to love and yourself again. Thus you have always been observed by this higher aspect of yourself, but chosen to forget it when you came here.

I wish that you remain in yourself as a higher being, when you continue to take in that which I transmit.

In order to raise your energies in the lower dimensions you have focused on satisfying others. You have already as children learned that if you do as you families wish they would be happy and pleased with you, which raises your own energy level, as you feel good and valuable. You have then continued to feel out what day care teachers, grades in school, employers, bigger family, friends, church and society at large wish in order for you to satisfy them and to be happy with you and thus get you to feel pleased with yourself. In the lower frequencies where you have been during eons of time you have all done your utmost to all the time raise your energy by conforming to the frames of right and wrong that you have created in your various societies. On top of this most of you have set up your own framework for what you must achieve in life to be correct and feel good. These have often been constructed by your lower energies and been completely impossible for you to live up to and you have thus constantly felt down and as a failure.

The time is now here to scrap all of these frameworks. The fact is that they already have been scrapped, as the energies on Earth now are so high that many of these frames and rules that have been created by you do not exist any longer energy wise. They have withered apart and been transported away to the lower dimensions, as they are not based on the truth of love. You feel very lost and worried when these changes in energy happens, as the framework and guiding rails that you have held on to have gone up in smoke. You stumble in your feelings, as you no longer can satisfy yourselves by fulfilling your own impossible perceptions of yourselves, other’s wishes or to feel joy from consuming yourself to happiness in your local shopping center.

In the new era you will have an infinitely much higher energy level. You do not need the old frameworks and frames of perception anymore. By letting go of what others want you to do, say and be and instead feel what you yourself wishes to experience in order to feel good your energy level will reach infinitely much higher frequencies than before, and thus you will feel more happy than you ever have had the opportunity to when you experienced happiness by satisfying lower energies and others.

In the era that you now are leaving you all have done your best in order to raise your energies and feel good. You have used the tools that you have at your disposal and we really want you to know that we are impressed by your inventiveness when it comes to constructing things that make you happy. We are full of admiration that you for example have found ways to raise your own energy by spending your life making others happy rather than to make yourself happy. We see and understand that you all really have done outstanding work with yourselves and we understand that you all are confused when you now must replace your old toolbox with a new one where you do not at all recognize the tools or know how to use them – yet!

We want to remind you all of the fact that you really are completely familiar with the new life in the higher energy. You have during a long time lowered your energy in order to experience something completely opposite to the higher energy, but you are now returning to the energy where you really belong. You know exactly how the tools in the new box work and you know exactly how you should use them.

One can compare your journey to the higher dimensions with a trip around the world in your current life. Before you left you were excited and full of expectations. During the trip you experienced an array of different things that has gotten you to grow as a human and once you are back home you feel gratitude to yourselves that you did the trip, but due to exhaustion you do not wish to do it again for a long time and you feel grateful that you can sleep in your own bed and shower in your own shower again.

Thus remember that the goal for each individual and life on Earth is to raise your vibrations in order to reconnect to the higher aspect of yourselves. The more you raise your energy the more love you experience in your lives and the more beautiful you perceive you painting. When everybody takes responsibility for making themselves happy everybody will return home to themselves and nobody will have a need to utilize others or to satisfy others at the expense of one self. You all wish to create a paradise for yourselves on Earth and when the energies now dramatically are changing this will become a reality. The paths home to the light become clearer and clearer and it becomes easer and easier to follow them until you finally are home.

I wish you good luck in your return to yourselves here on Earth. You are formidable beings who are doing a fantastic effort for yourselves and the Universe as a whole. Be in peace in yourselves and when life feels a bit troublesome next time you zoom out from your painting and remember that only love is that which in truth exists and that the path back to this is unavoidable.

I give thanks – au revoir.





Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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