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Master Mary via Jahn J Kassl Part 1, October 7th, 2017

JJK: Today I had a déjà-vu while I remembered two of my former incarnations. Back then, as well as today, it was my mission to bring messages of light to the people. Back then only very few understood them. Todayof course there are significantly more, but I still find that the number of those who truly awaken is small. My question is: Do times and people never change? Is awareness ultimately only for the few?

MASTER MARY: I surround you with my light.

God’s grace creates a field of awareness for everyone – and it is up to each individual if and when he enters this realm of grace.

As for your questions, beloved Jahn: It is a long and windy road until the ability of a person to look right through every illusion has completely come alive. Life after life, people go through new experiences and dis-illusions until they reach a level of maturity at which they cannot be blinded by any light anymore.

That’s why centuries pass without any apparent changes. Human consciousness seems stagnant, and in moments like this when a huge illusion has not been recognized by the majority of people, you may perceive this stagnation as painful.

It is true that many people – very many – unwittingly and with the best of intentions follow the dark seducer who masquerades as luminous being.

JJK: What are the karmic effects for the individual if false prophets remain unrecognized?

MASTER MARY: The continuous confrontation with these circumstances until they are recognized. And these confrontations always entail dis-illusions. A process that often continues throughout many lives, until the person is ready to truly get to the bottom of things.

JJK: Not wanting to get to the bottom of things …

MASTER MARY: Only very few human beings are born with this ability and this will. It is a “talent” only few possess. Mostly old souls do. That is why it is painful for an old soul to see how people tend towards the wrong direction for ages. The human path to enlightenment on all levels is a process over many incarnations.

Just like a fruit doesn’t fall to the ground before it is ripe, humans reach perfection when the time is right.

JJK: Is there a way that allows all people to recognize dark intentions right away? Can this process be accelerated by any means? It would surely be beneficial for the world.

MASTER MARY:  There are „exceptions“: people who are uniquely sheltered by the grace of God. And there are “short cuts” for those whose thought, speech and actions are radical, who tackle things at the roots, and who walk their path to enlightenment relentlessly. How many such people do you know, Jahn?

JJK: There are a few that I presumably see something in. When I include all of humanity, their number however is rather small.

MASTER MARY: The answer to your question whether there’s a “method” to enable all people to always see through things, is no.

Because the level of consciousness defines the degree of ability to discern.

When someone is awakened they intuit, sense and perceive quickly what is going on! Someone who is still on their way to mastery can only perceive to the extent of their own inner potential. And again, the individual transformation process becomes the focal point of action. Because it is the basis for absolutely every realization.

The problem,

and it currently is in fact a problem for the spiritual awakening of mankind, is that many warriors of light perceive themselves as already completely transformed.

JJK: There is a saying: “There are too many chiefs and no Indians” …

MASTER MARY: The path into mastery always holds the hidden danger of falling into the trap of all kinds of misconception. Each and every case of misconception has to be properly recognized and perceived as truthful. Only this truthfulness towards yourself allows you to continue on your spiritual path, and the next steps are revealed to you.

Lesson after lesson, life after life, until this realm of existence was mastered you will be confronted with your misconceptions and self-limitations. For old souls this is a logical process, and such human beings go through time in a different way.

Not someone who is tired or weary of life is an old soul, but someone who knows their unique mission and fulfills it time after time.

JJK: You are talking about “dangers” along the way.

The danger of “fearlessness”

Danger is always associated with “fear”. My point is that I hear from more and more people, almost reflexively, that they are fearless. For me this is total nonsense. Because fear at the sight of a threat makes me alert and allows me to take adequate counteraction. In this case fear serves as my protection. Which human being is really free from fears? And why do so many people pretend to be?

MASTER MARY: People who stereotypically announce that they never experience fear of anything or anyone, usually cover up especially deep-seated traumatic experiences. It is good to let them believe that until they sense on their own that something essential is being suppressed and something important hasn’t been recognized.

Fears that don’t take you over – meaning they don’t block you – can be used to get into “fighting mode” in case of danger.

Resistance, defense or determination isn’t possible until danger is recognized as such.

In a healthy person, a danger foreseen immediately activates a response. And this response, which may take the form of massive resistance, is part of human divine nature. Every human being has inner sensors that detect danger, which allows for appropriate and timely measures of protection or defense.

In the new spiritual movement the erroneous assumption seams to stick that fighting is bad and should be left to the forces of light.

This assumption needs to be corrected here. Because nobody can transfer the inevitable fight from one specific realm to another. In this sense I request of you to be alert and to correct the dogma “fighting causes new karma and constitutes a sin”.

Sin is, on any level, not to stand up for your life.

Methods of fighting

JJK: Does it make any karmic difference how I fight? Is the method of fighting crucial or how I align internally?

MASTER MARY: Resistance can happen on different levels – verbally, mentally, emotionally, physically or spiritually. This means that you can get active on an energetic level or in the world of form. How does one decide? Every situation holds the solution. And internalize this as well:

Peaceful warriors are still warriors. What makes for peaceful warriors is their aspiration to find a mindful and peaceful solution, but not to sacrifice their aspirations for hollow peace.

JJK: So everything from talking to energetic resolution (light sword) to physical effort is possible?

MASTER MARY: In order to find the right means or tools for a fight, you need to recognize what level this fight is happening on. Then you have to determine your own position. Do I have a mission in this, and if so, which one? By reviewing this you will never be drawn into fights that have nothing to do with you.

JJK: And what if you have to act fast? I am thinking of a sudden and direct physical attack.

MASTER MARY: Every human being has their own intuition. How do you react, Jahn?

JJK: By getting out of there, or – if that is impossible – by striking back without hesitation. I have experienced this before, and it has proven to be right in hindsight. Sometimes there’s no other way – that’s how I see it. I am not one to turn the other cheek!

MASTER MARY: These courses of action are in the blueprint of every person. False religious beliefs are the reason why many people are afraid to handle and master situations in the way you just described. Formerly proud and powerful human beings have turned into submissive slaves. All this is changing now, this is noticeable everywhere. Wrongs are righted, religious concepts or paralyzing programs are recognized and rendered ineffective.

JJK: Master Mary, the divine mother, talks about fighting. That in itself will cause some astonishment…?

MASTER MARY: In this and in future messages that will be channeled by you up until the light reading on September 24th, 2017, I appear as Master Mary. This reflects the time quality in compliance with the divine. Because it is the divine purpose that as many people as possible achieve their mastery now. The word “Master” before my name is meant to uplift you into your own mastery.

Steps into mastery

JJK: Let me summarize:

·       Everybody knows their own inner potential (Jesus talks about talents).

·       Fighting – no matter in what way – is not a sin but part of human existence. (Even Archangel Michael and his armies don’t hesitate for a moment to use the light sword).

·       Mastery is achieved by those who radically and relentlessly clean up their own lives. (Wanting to change the world and staying the same oneself exclude one another.)

MASTER MARY:  So it is, and I elaborate:

·       Everyone, no matter what talents they were born with, can lead a fulfilled life as long as they live out their potential.

God answers to your aspiration and not to your given talents.

·       Each conflict and each unfortunate situation can be resolved. Commit yourself to the solution, rebuff assaults on all levels. Stand up for your life.

Fighters of light or warriors of light – both terms strengthen you. Don’t reject them.

·       God’s realm of grace is absolute and omnipresent. Entering it means accepting everything that you are.

In God’s light all illusion ends and every life lie can be recognized.

Whoever truly wants to recognize themselves, who is ready for this step, will have an easy time looking through illusions and deceptions by a second or third party. This concludes the circle, and we are back to the beginning of our conversation.

Recognize yourself, and you recognize everything!

Beloved human beings,

Rise, wake up and step into the realm of god’s grace. The abundance that awaits you here is immeasurable, the wisdom you encounter here is boundless, and the love that touches you here is limitless. Now and forever.

I am with you, I love you endlessly.




» Source – Channel: Jahn J Kassl