Love is our new reality

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Master Mary via Jahn J Kassl Part 2, October 7th, 2017

Welcome to God’s light, welcome to the ocean of my love.

I am MASTER MARY! I have arrived here to strengthen you and shed light on areas of the soul that so far have gone unnoticed. I have arrived here so that you can see and become aware of what is essential now.

I have arrived here for you, because it is you who brings the very future to mankind that has become alive within yourself.

● Until the light no longer blinds you, we will walk together on the path of light.

● Until you are ready to shed light on everything and to give everything to the light, we will stride side by side.

● Until you are ready to restart your transformation in order to be reborn, you will be reminded of it by your celestial companions who are your family.

The common goal

Heaven and Earth, humans and angels, enlightened ones and adepts, we are all united in one common goal: to raise Earth, to free the human souls, and to take the sting out of the dark prophecies of the end of times, by adding an entirely new energy and direction to the shift.

I am talking about THE energy, which you can create as soon as you are free from your own delusion. It is THE power, which you manifest as soon as you have removed the biggest blockades, ignorance and illusions.

This message is written into your heart, and the love of the eternal mother of all life, that I am, is placed into your soul. Because I am talking about YOUR change, YOUR rebirth, and the great miracle of this time.

I am in your midst, and along with me, the great passel of ascended masters and archangels have arrived here.

With our light we all fill this room and all those places where human hearts are longingly waiting for us. We stay amongst you until you fully open your souls to the light, and until you completely fill the room as a human being and creator on this entire earth.

It’s about you and all of our unity, because Heaven and Earth are one. And at the end of this message each and every one of you will have internalized this fact profoundly …

Beloved humans!

We are facing the biggest, most challenging and most suspenseful task that has ever had to be mastered in the process of ascension. We are now at a time when the dynamic of ascension and the shift are directly linked to your redeemed issues. And this means: A limitless creative potential is available to you now. Therefore you can take active part in all upcoming events and influence them favorably by completing your self-healing.

This also means that the “future” of this earth lies in your hands, and that nothing that seems to be set in stone necessarily lasts forever and ever.

Earth will follow your divine will, your luminous impulses, your power of manifestation, and all of mankind will align itself accordingly.

If only your impulses, intentions and energy are clear enough, nobody can evade this power; joyfully people will rise above this matrix and enter into the new world.

Mental clarity

This is why clarity of the mind is today’s essential fuel. Now the time has come to achieve and internally establish this mental clarity.

So far you were co-creators and perceived yourselves as such. From now on you shall create and appear as creators, because luminous and loving impulses of manifestation become immediately visible like never before in human history.

The energy on this earth has shifted, and creation is expecting your creations. It is indeed time to bring all of your humanity forward, and to ignite your spiritual power.

Therefore, become aware today of the significance of your own healing. Because it is not only about healing yourself, but about bringing healing impulses to all of humanity in that way. It is a matter of survival of mankind on this earth, and thus avoiding that many lives have to end prematurely!

Now mankind needs individuals with a clear mind, resolved emotions and light intentions.

This demands of you, the listener of this message:

● extensive healing of your inner world; freeing your emotions, thoughts and intentions from all covering. And this means: Really get to the bottom of all things that continue to rob you of your inner freedom.

● Become aware of your responsibility, your mission and your presence on earth at this time. Focus your entire life on it.

● Demand all realizations that you are still lacking by being prepared to unconditionally accept everything that is shown to you.

Half-truths are no truths, half-healings are incomplete, and to love where love is welcome but not where it is met with resentment doesn’t do justice to unconditional love.

This message is about realizing how the unity of Heaven and Earth, of angelic and human beings, can be restored. And how, coming from this unity, the necessary changes in yourself and on earth are brought about.

Being able to fully put yourself in the hands of God, to trust your own inner guidance, and to follow your own intuition completely, that’s what matters now.

In order to live life with this sense of basic trust, it is essential to see your own light and to recognize the divinity inside you in its full magnitude. For that you need to leave all old and limiting human conditioning behind.

Achieving clarity of the mind through courageous transformational work makes this time especially precious for you.

Time of breakthrough

Now the time of breakthrough has come – for each and every one of you.  It is the time when you can make significant and life-altering decisions.

Now you can create a new life for yourself, in case you are ready to deeply question your old life and look at it in the light of truth.

Waiting is over as soon as you redirect your attention from the outer to the inner. Then you can manifest your full creative potential, and before heaven on earth is created, you have created it for yourselves.

I invite you to make this your way of life! There’s not much missing, with some of you only a few steps into the new reality – steps that need to be taken so that it can all become true for yourself and for humanity.

Don’t get blinded by your own light anymore, because it shows you the way to yourself!

The new Earth needs YOU to be created – you in all your power and glory.

Be aware of this truth and gather from it the strength for the last few steps into the light.

I am with you. I love you endlessly.




» Source – Channel: Jahn J Kassl