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Message from Adama – Dreaming a new dream for the Planet, May 29th, 2023

Dreaming a new dream for the Planet ~ Adama

Once again, warm greetings from my heart to yours. It is my pleasure to speak with you once again. The topic you have chosen at this time is close to my heart. I would like to emphasize how important it is for everyone, especially the lightworkers on this planet, to consciously create, in their heart and soul, the vision of the new world in which they want to live and participate. If your heart’s desire is to transcend the drudgery of today’s surface conditions and move into an enlightened and happy way of life, now is the time to let go of the old paradigm that has kept you in bondage and pain for so long.

You’ve all heard the old expression “without vision the people perish.” This is so relevant and timely at the crossroads humanity and the planet are experiencing at this moment. In Telos and the other underground cities, we have preserved a vision of the new world on your behalf for a very long time, but understand that we just cannot do everything for you. According to Divine Law, people living on the surface must take responsibility to do their part. It is time for you to consciously start dreaming your visions every day, and have them reflected in your ambitions, thoughts, feelings and desires.

At the beginning of the last century, through much determination and devotion, the beloved Master Saint Germain petitioned God and the Galactic Federation of Light for a great dispensation. He asked for the “Flame of Freedom” to be released once more on Earth. After much consideration and many meetings with various councils of God, your Solar System’s Galactic Federation and several Planetary Councils, permission was granted. Freedom is one of the many qualities of the Violet Flame of Transmutation.
Without the return of this flame to the surface, there would be no way for humanity to freely choose to evolve out of its current state.

Until that time the Flame of Freedom, and all the knowledge and wisdom that goes with it, had been removed from the surface for a very long time. This loss of freedom allowed the limitation you experienced during your many incarnations. The loss of the flame contributed greatly to the suffering experienced by humanity. Due to the people’s karma and past abuse of this Sacred Flame, it was withdrawn from the surface at the time of Atlantis’ final downfall.
Feel in your heart the love that Saint Germain has for humanity, and open yourself in gratitude for his tireless dedication and service to all of you. To secure this dispensation for mankind, he had to relinquish the energy of his attainment and the pearls of his crowning glory to God as a security deposit, in the event that mankind misused this flame again. He loved you all so much that he was willing to take that risk.