Message from Father God via Galaxygirl, December 3d, 2018

Message from Father God (12/3/18) | Galaxygirl


This is your Father God speaking. Children, there is so much to tell you, to show you, to remind you. But mostly tonight I want to reach out to you, pull you close and invite you to sit on my knee. Come closer and rest in my presence of peace, of renewal. There is much to tell and much to show. And yet you have so much to show and tell for me. Won’t you? Won’t you let me in? The illusion is being removed layer by layer, and so is your pain. Can you feel the difference in your bodies with these new ascension energy codes steaming in? This one has a grounding mat. Find ways to connect with Gaia, your current planetary mother. Share your upgrades with her. Anchor into her, just as you anchor into me. Both of us are inviting you to connect.

Great times you are living in. Great does not mean easy, but it does cause one to stretch, to grow in unexpected and pleasant ways, does it not? Are you who you were even last week? No. You are deepening with every breath, expanding, and becoming more expansive. Let not the world’s troubles trouble you. Sit with me a while. Rest in me. All is well. You don’t have to do anything but the job that you are doing right now. For who would do what you are doing if you were not doing it? When life presents you with opportunities to serve, serve with joy! I see this joy and it brings me tremendous joy. For it means that you are expanding ever more, which means that I – we all – expand ever more. This is a never ending, continually expanding universe, just as Source is continually expanding. But the root of it all is love. Love. Children feel my love for you. Do not let your 3D father understandings dim your desire to talk with me. I’m an eager listener. In fact I’ve been told I’m quite good at it!

And I see that perhaps now would be a good time for you energetically to let me bless you with yet more light. Feel my love pouring in now through your crown as liquid light coats and drips down through you, burning with delightful warmth and fullness of sensation. Allow my love to drip and pour over every bit of you, of your body but also your etheric, mental, spiritual and emotional bodies. Sit with it a bit. Now see this light as millions of rays extending outwards from you into all of your past, present and future choices, coating them with light. You are all my favorite children and it gives me great delight to do this together with you. See choices that perhaps caused you great pain and tenderness still rests in these scars. Say, “Father God, please send extra light and love to these woundings” and I will do it with great joy! And now you add your light to these places, and thank the experience for the lesson learned. And move ahead. No more looking back. It is exhausting and you are still traveling your path, your journey. And now perhaps you are a bit more coated in love light than before? Ah, yes. You are glowing. You are a glow with my love, radiating beauty to the others. Did you know love is contagious? Just like laughter? Well it is. So be it in this marvelous season of joy, of giving, of receiving. We see many of you as tender with the idea of receiving. Now that’s enough of that. You can’t give without receiving. Balderdash. Now. It is time to be open – open to love! Open to receiving! Open to expanding into your joy, into the fullness of your true authentic you that I love so much! I honor you, I love you. I am your Father God and you – all of you! – are my favorite. Thanks for listening. Lets do this again soon.