Mother God via Galaxygirl, December 3d, 2018

Dearest children, this is your Mother God speaking. Not that I need to add anything to Father’s majestic blessing – oh you are all a-glow! It brings tears to my eyes. Children, all is working out, going forward. All will be perfect, just as you are perfect. I see you as perfect and I see you through the eyes and tears of love. Love makes all things perfect. Now go and be love to each other. I am your Mother God. You can always – always! – call on me. I too am a good listener (laughter). I send you a complement to Father’s blessing. I pour a drenching dose of my purest golden rich honey love down through your crown, coating every spinning chakra, coating every wound, coating every beautiful ounce of you with my love. And now I infuse it with my breath, with my light, that your love and light may become ever yet stronger. I am so delightedly pleased with you. Never forget that. You are an absolute treasure to me, my perfect one. And yes, you are all my favorites too! You are my children. How could it be any other way? All is proceeding. Feel my love, my embrace and be comforted. I am your Mother God.

~ galaxygirl