Message from Per Staffan: 5 MEET-UPS IN THE USA, August 30th, 2018

Dear Readers,

I have gotten requests to organize Meet-ups. We will have one channel participating either physically or via Skype, we will have guided meditations and I will lead a discussion and answer questions. We will also take a break and allow participants to interact and make new light worker/warrior friends. The meetings might last for 4-6 hours depending on if it is a work night or a weekend.

I am planning to have these meetings in September and October. However, I will need help. In particular I need assistance from a local host or hostess. I would ask this person to assist with finding a local low cost meeting place in the particular area. Help me with local transportation and suggested lodging when I am not able to drive back to my home in Boston in my own car after the meeting. If the host or hostess has a local net work to invite it would also be desirable.

I would also look to be in touch with light workers that can lead a meditation and possibly also channel live in person at the location, rather than me organizing channeling via Skype. The latter also works, but it is always nice to the see and hear the channel.

I am planning to start with meetings in five approximate locations:

Southern California: San Diego

Southern California: LA

Northern California: San Fransisco/Sacramento/Oakland

New York/New Jersey. Possibly close to NYC and in New Jersey

Central New England: Worcester/Springfield


I have heard from some dear light workers and your offers of assistance. I have kept your emails. However, the picture is not complete and I need more assistance in order to put this together. Please write to me at or at the contact form on the – both will work.

Love and Light,

Per Staffan