Message from Ra On Arcturus via Camilla Nilsson February 8, 2019

Message from Ra On Arcturus

March 1, 2019

Channel: Camilla Nilsson


To live a life on Earth is challenging if you choose to become one with your trials and tribulations. Those humans who complicate things make it harder and more cumbersome that they need to be. You allow to walk into each other’s energy fields and to become one with things that really do not belong to you. It magnifies to go into others trials and sufferings, as if you thought it was good to do so. The opposite.

By being a support pillar to the one who has been tested, many processes can be speeded up. These are processes that leads to the trials are encountered, become dissolved and then disappear as the fog when the rays of the sun come through. Instead of letting the trials be dissolved as a fog you worsen many processes. It gets stuck in the energy fields of all involved and become hard to let go of and regard as completed.

To live a life on Earth is surely trying many days. The art of living a good and harmonic life is all about not letting one be impacted by the different dramas that are taking place all around you.

To become an observer rather than an integrator.

To be a good friend or fellow human rather than to add to the situation and make what is happening worse.

By letting the processes follow their course life becomes easier for everyone. Remember also that many events that you call trials or tests often originate from yourselves. Your inner gives birth to something that you really do not want to se. Your trials often come from fears and lack of trust. A trial thus mirrors your inner. When you can see and feel this the burden is lifted. The burden is lifted like the fog when the rays of the sun come through.

I am Ra from Arcturus and I have to in order to raise humanity’s energy vibrations through my channel Camilla. With love and unity.





Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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