Omara – An Atlantean Priestess via Beatrice Madsen, March 2nd, 2019

Omara – An Atlantean Priestess

March 2nd, 2019

Channel: Beatrice Madsen

Greetings dear ones, I come with joy and merry messages. We follow you right behind – us that have met many of you before, but who no longer need to incarnate or wait for the right opportunity to come down.

I was an Atlantean priestess who works with crystals with great precision and sharpness. I communicated telepathically via crystals I could work with targeted efforts to heal and clean.

Your carbon based DNA has now for a very long time been exposed to a large soul pressure that have given proper physical impacts. Imagine that you are being washed in a high pressure wash and your cells tumble about in there in life after life or in periods in this life.

Since some time back the frequency has been raised to a level on the earth plane that your cell structure is developing to a crystalline one. Dear ones, that is great. As has been mentioned before this is completely unique – that living beings incarnated in flesh and blood develop this structure.

You and your whole environment including your fantastic nature with all the animals are going through a metamorphosis. You are being born to new people and you are being born together with Mother Earth. The best metaphor I can give is that you for a long time has been larvae and cocoon, but now you are starting to develop your crystalline wings. As the newly born butterfly who sits on a branch and trembles and wonders I am this beautiful and you look with astonishment at your beautiful light being.

You, dear you, need to learn who to fly. Flex slightly your big wings and fly initially a short distance at a time. Eventually you will realize that you can raise yourself up to the jet streams and let the energy carry you. Haha, you say. I did not know I was a bumble bee – I can fly.

If you listen carefully you can hear the angelic choir beautiful tunes join in the joy of your newfound crystalline joy of flying.

Then land, dear one. Allow yourself to rest, sleep, drink much water and melt and integrate. Let the feelings fall in place and love yourself for all that you have gone through that now has taken you here.




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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