Love is our new reality

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Message from the Angels via Ann Albers, January 23d

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Last week we talked about letting go of old things and dense energies. Today, we wish to discuss letting go of old habits.

In the heavens, we think you are perfect now, even as you evolve! However, it is the nature of all of life itself to grow, evolve, and continue to deepen its expression of love.

Take a few minutes and think about this question. What kind of person do you want to be? Most of you can answer this, at least to a degree. You know you want to speak more kindly, live in balance, act abundantly, or be more patient. Perhaps some of you want to be more proactive. You may want to be more gracious, or you may want to learn to kindly stand up for yourself. Each one of you, if you take time can imagine the kind of person you would ideally love to be.

Try living as if you are this person, just for a day. Very quickly you will begin to see your old habits rise up. We’d rather call them habits than issues! These are just ways of thinking and being that you have learned, repeated, and become accustomed to. It is only when you begin to pay attention to being someone different that you will notice them. And this is good dear ones! Celebrate! When you see an old habit, you can begin to change it!

Say you want to be more gracious. You go about your day being very kind and loving to everyone, until someone is rude, and suddenly you find yourself speaking abruptly. Celebrate! Now you see where you can grow into a more gracious person. Conversely say you want to learn to speak up more. You go about your day “faking it until you make it,” speaking up, even when it is uncomfortable. Then someone disagrees with you very strongly and you find yourself remaining silent and in fear! Celebrate! You have found an area in which you can grow.

Now take this area in which you would like to grow and really imagine you are “already there.” Imagine you handle a rude person with kindness. Imagine you are comfortable lovingly speaking to a strong-minded individual. Imagine you remain in faith rather than falling into fear. Take time each day to see and imagine yourself as this person you want to be. It is only through practice, either internally or externally that you can literally “rewire” your brains to react differently. Just as an athlete must practice many times to make the “shot,” catch the ball, or cross the finish line, so too each one of you can practice, if only through your imagination, becoming the person you wish to be.

We love you as you are dear ones. We hope you can too. And we support you in growing even more beautifully into the kind of person you wish to become.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels