Love is our new reality

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Message from the Angels via Ann Albers, July 31st, 2021

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Are you enjoying your life now? If not, what could you do today, to enjoy your life more? Are you enjoying your thoughts? If not what could you think about instead? Are you enjoying the things you focus on in the world? If not, what else might you focus upon?

Life is too short, dear ones not to enjoy it, and you have a choice. Life is a buffet of smells, sights, sounds, textures, tastes, people, beliefs, ideologies, experiences, and possibilities! Life is a veritable smorgasbord of energies in so many different forms and combinations! There literally is “something for everyone” and “someone for everyone.” There are things that you might love that others can’t stand, and vice versa. There are people who bother you to your core, who seem like absolute angels to others. There is not one person or one thing on this earth that is anything other than a veritable soup of various frequencies.

Would you stand at a buffet and eat what you do not like? Would you waste your time criticizing the food you don’t enjoy? Would you look at all the older offerings and half-empty trays say, “What is this buffet coming to?” Wouldn’t you rather select the foods you do enjoy? Wouldn’t you rather appreciate the beauty in the diversity? Wouldnt you rather focus on the abundance? It is the same buffet, dear friends.

Likewise, it is your focus that makes life satisfying or not. It is your focus in life that dictates whether you will enjoy it or not because there are always things to enjoy, people to enjoy, and always better thoughts to enjoy. Life is a buffet.

So many of you were taught, without anyone trying to teach you, that you cannot be happy if there are problems or undesirable situations in life. You can’t be happy until you have perfect health, until the bills are paid, until everyone around you acts the way you believe they should act, until, until, until… It is not likely anyone said this to you but chances are you watched plenty of people during your young life, teach by example, that happiness was only possible when things looked the way they wanted them to look. Perhaps you had people in your life who taught you to look at “the glass half full” or to look for the good. What a blessing these individuals were and are! They remind you that joy is here for the taking, and that it is simply a matter of focus.

So ask yourself again, “Am I enjoying life today? If not, what could I do to enjoy it more? Where could I be more true to my desires? What could I reschedule? What can I control and what can I not? How might I treat myself more kindly?” Dig a little deeper and see if you can’t come up with ways to enjoy your day today. Does the world bother you? What do you love about the world? Search if you don’t know the answer to that. “Seek and ye shall find” is true, always dear ones. You will find what you look for and what you focus upon.

You have permission, encouragement, and a recommendation from those of us in the heavens, to enjoy your lives. If your foot doesn’t feel good, take care of it and enjoy your eyes and arms. If your bank account doesn’t feel good, enjoy the fact that at the moment you have a computer or phone, good clothing, a roof over your head, food, and a variety of wonderful things on your internet. You have Mother nature’s embrace. You have movies. You can shut your eyes and dream yourself into any beautiful place you wish… So many possibilities exist. If you don’t enjoy the people you’re living with, then go to your room, shut the door, and enjoy some peace. Take a drive, go outside, or visit with people you enjoy more. Look at the people that irritate you and play the game of “try to see if I can find something good about them.” There are so many possibilities dear friends!

We know you’d all rather have happiness handed to you on the proverbial “silver platter” and it can be so, if you’re willing to focus upon and find things to enjoy in the here and now. More and more, as you raise your vibration by finding things to enjoy here and now, you will easily attract enjoyable things, people, and situations that come to you with very little effort.

Don’t put off your happiness till tomorrow. It belongs to you here, now, in this moment, and every moment. Problems will come and go. Challenges will come and go, but happiness can be a constant companion if you just ask yourself a few questions here and there… “Am I enjoying my day? If not what might I do to enjoy it more? Am I enjoying my thoughts? If not what thoughts might be more enjoyable.” Go ahead, dear ones. Give yourselves permission to be happy now and you will become the lights of the world.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels