Love is our new reality

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Message from the Angels via Ann Albers, October 15th


My dear friends, we love you so very much,

As Autumn arrives in the northern hemisphere and Spring in the southern, it is time for change. There have been great periods of stagnation in the previous years, but now everything is moving! Everything is ripe for transformation! You are all stirred up dear ones! Celebrate. It in in the stirring of the old that the new can arise. Nothing can transform in your world without going through change… and most of you are yearning for change.

You yearn for change in things great and small. You want to clean out your closets, update your wardrobe, stop doing those little habits that drive you crazy. You want to clean out your psyche, update your relationships, and stop participating in the bigger patterns of behavior and in events, organizations, even conversations that no longer uplift your soul.

You are yearning to become more authentic.

You are yearning to live lives centered in love.

You are yearning to “be you” so the world can see you and love you for all that you truly are.

Dear ones, it is no longer time to put things off. If you want change in your life, take a small step. If you want to clean out your closet, begin today. If you want to update your wardrobe, save a little today or start to manifest. If you want to stop a little habit, put signs up around your house, program your phones to remind your or get a friend to help you out.

If you want to clear out your psyche, watch only positive programs. Read only uplifting and inspiring material. For every negative thing you catch yourself saying, ask for something positive… “Dear God I cannot stand the news… Please uplift our world.” “Dear God I cannot stand that human being. Please amplify the light in their soul.” “Dear God I do not like the way I look today. Please help me see the beauty and light within.”

Take inventory dear ones. What is authentic for you and what is no longer “you?” Everything in your life suited you at one time or it would not be there, but you change and eventually everything in your life changes to suit you better as well. Begin making even the simplest changes in the areas of your life that no longer suit you. One tiny movement a day is enough to help you step into streams of grace.

Dear ones, celebrate! While your world is stirred up and many of you are stirred up, there is great opportunity here to ride the waves of love into a life that you love!

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels