Love is our new reality

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Message from the Angels via Ann Albers, October 3d



My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Celebrate the fact that you are alive. You didn’t have to be here upon the earth. You didn’t have to stay. You chose life and you chose this school called earth. You bravely chose to embark upon a miraculous journey of learning about the depth and breadth of the love from which you are made. Here upon the earth you can learn to love more deeply than anywhere else in the cosmos because, in truth, it is most challenging.

Upon your earth, it is easy to forget that you are all made from the same love. You are all created with the same sense of reverence. You are all welcomed home with the same tenderness at the end of your lives, and simply asked one question, “What have you learned?” You stand in the light and love of the Divine after this life and view your words and deeds relative to that love. You know instantly where your heart was open and where you might have done better, but you are not judged. You are loved. Your life is illuminated by truth and you have opportunity to learn.

So while you are upon the earth, strive not to judge yourselves. Strive instead, when you feel you could have done better in any given situation, to simply ask yourself, “What have I learned? What could I have done better? How might I be more true to my own heart, while being lovingly kind and honest with others?” Judgment serves no purpose. In our eyes there is not right and wrong, good and bad. There are only loving and unloving behaviors, lessons learned, and lessons missed. We see even the most unloving behaviors as simply the misunderstandings of a soul striving to find the light in a very unevolved fashion. Would you say a child is wrong for their mistakes, or would you simply help them learn? Would you call this child bad because they don’t know any better, or would you kindly help them see a better way to behave. The angels and God, guide you, always, through love. We cannot judge you because we know who you really are. We know what you are striving to experience, no matter how that is expressed.

So dear ones, stop judging yourselves. Stop criticizing yourselves. Stop making yourselves wrong for so-called “mistakes” and “flaws” and simply make a commitment to treat yourself with kindness. Congratulate yourselves for what you have learned. In this fashion you will grow kindly, gently, gracefully… in love.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels