Love is our new reality

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Mike Quinsey Channels His Higher Self, April 30th, 2021

Time marches on and in general terms you can sense that in many parts of the world Covid19 is under control and having less effect. You could say the end is in sight but you have little idea as to the time scale. In some parts of the world such as India the situation is dire and has not yet peaked. It was to some extent expected as the virus is significantly more dangerous to those souls who are of Asian birth. Their immunity is not as successful for them, and in consequence more fatalities can be expected. However, be assured that the souls involved are immediately cared for and helped to overcome their experiences. Great help and love is exercised and any fear or harm experienced is quickly replaced by calmness and caring. Like all souls that have passed over they are quickly restored without carrying forward the result of any aging or experience they may have been involved in.

You are experiencing the effects of a cleansing and upliftment of all souls, and it will continue as the vibrations gradually increase. This period is the final stages of changes that are necessary if you are to become prepared for your journey that will take you all the way to Ascension. You cannot take your baggage with you and consequently it must be discarded. As with any changes be assured that you will be helped all along the way and guarded from any interference from the dark Ones. However take care and be aware of any attempts to draw you away from your chosen path. Few souls at this stage are truly aware of the magnificence of their achievements in having made it to this point in their evolution. You have tried unsuccessfully to do so on many occasions but have learnt from your experiences and finally achieved your goal.

You have yet to fully learn of your true potential but from here on you will gradually grow in consciousness. At present you are but a glimmer of your true selves and now that you are leaving the lower vibrations behind your evolution will speed up substantially. You are being given an opportunity to create the path to your desired objective, and as you evolve you will have increased power that will eventually enable you to create instantly. It is no exaggeration to say that you will be God like and that is your destiny. Now you will understand why your evolution has attracted so much attention as you have reached a critical point that the dark Ones will try to prevent. Have no fear as providing you keep to your path they cannot stop you succeeding.

Dear Ones, you have come a very long way to reach this point in your evolution and be assured that much help will be given to ensure your success. One day you will be able to look back on your achievements and will no doubt be astonished by your experiences in the midst of the lowest vibrations in this Universe. It augurs well for your future as you have strength of character that will help you fend off any attempts to interfere with your progress. Bear in mind that you have souls around you such as the Pleiadians who seeded you and have followed your progress for eons of time. So accept that you are great souls now finding your feet and ready to travel your chosen path to the higher dimensions. For us it is quite as exciting as it is not every day that there is such an important event coming as your Ascension.

Having been told that you have had many if not hundreds of lives on Earth, you may wonder why you do not appear more advanced than you are at present. The simple answer is that you incarnate for each life with the skills or knowledge that are necessary to enable you to carry out your life plan. In other words as you evolve you intuitively know what you have come for, and if necessary with some prompting from your Guides are assured of complying with it. Some life plans are so important to your evolution and nearly always include other souls who are part of it.

Friends and partners can also take part in it so you see it is quite involved. Obviously close partnerships are pre-arranged and much work goes into ensuring you meet the right person. Sometimes It goes wrong because you still have freewill, but be assured every step is taken to get you back on the correct path you agreed to prior to incarnating. Obviously on some occasions it can badly go wrong and should it be necessary your life plan can be held back to be played out in a later life. Some souls are so backward and wayward in their activities that they have to rely on other souls to ensure their karma is carried out.

Life can seem to be full of random happenings and indeed there will be many instances of them that are of no real consequence where your life plan is concerned. It is a beautiful system that helps you to evolve which is the purpose of incarnating upon Earth. In this present period those souls who have cleared their karma are enjoying a trouble free life, and have the awareness of what their goals are and will have no problems in fulfilling their life plan. It is a great system that deals fairly with people’s needs and ensures that if necessary lessons can be repeated many times.

Some souls are placed together because they need the experience that they can give to each other, which would not necessarily have been their choice. Hence the experience can be fraught with problems because in some ways they are incompatible. It may seem a strange way of doing things but in fact it helps both souls to evolve because of the challenges they face from each other. They help to highlight their weaknesses and undoubtedly learn some hard lessons in consequence. Realise that the methods used have been tried and tested for millennia of time and proved successful.

Know that because you are now in a different cycle the old ways of experiencing are no longer applicable and you are responsible for setting out the path you wish to follow. Obviously you still get help as your Guides are ever present but you have more control over your experiences. You will have a goal in mind that you call ambition and some of you are totally dedicated to achieving your aims. Providing you maintain your sight and focus upon your goal you are assured of success that ultimately means achieving Ascension. You are to be congratulated for reaching the final stages of your life plan.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.