Mira Of The Pleiadian High council & Lady Anneya Of The Jupiter Command via Ria Ria Aurora Athena Ash , February 7th, 2019


First Contact  &

The Event 🌹

Mira Of The Pleiadian High council & Lady Anneya Of The Jupiter Command.

We come to you in

magnetic zero point –

We speak to you in the Ever Eternal Now ……

In this Now , there is no past present or future only the eternal Oneness.

It is in this Now ‘ Of primordial light,   that fills you and creates you as eternal beings ….

That We are All Eternal extensions of the one primordial light , the primordial creator Most High – Masculine feminine.

And We greet you as equals …. as One, ….

As a unified cohesive whole as brothers & Sisters as your Galactic aspects of self .

I Lady Anneya Of The Jupiter Command & Mira Of The Pleiadian High council.

We Come today with divine feminine Energy to disseminate to our beloved extended family on Gaia .

As much is happening to you as a collective and Individually through what you call  Planetary Ascension,

We speak here of the cosmic Rays of Photonic light that is projected fourth , from The primordial light the

(Sun Of all Suns ) MotherFather God Force

It is the supreme being of all supreme beings ‘ sending fourth extensions of the Photonic Energetic plasma light or – Electromagnetic waves that come into your cosmic sun which is also A divine cosmic supreme being,  The alpha and Omega primordial force of kinetic energy.

This light is so powerful as it comes into your solar system through your divine creator solar logos ‘ .

That we on our Merkaba star ships contain the light and then Distribute it out in wave formation down to your planet through the starsseeds the light-workers light-warriors ‘ groundcrew that anchor the light into the core of Gaia ,  sometimes it is necessary for our ships to contain the light , as too much light could be detrimental on your collective timelines , too much light at once can push the “completion timeline “ of its propulsion,   if the collective is not quite ready to retain that amount of Kinetic energy.

So we distribute the energy in

necessary wave formations , many of you receive the light differently , depending on your evolution and the level of consciousness awareness , each of you retain the light differently ,

As you are all at different levels Of evolution on this University you call Gaia.

Much of the kinetic energy is being showered upon your planet now ‘ and there will be an influx of energy activating more of your collective on what you call your spring equinox that is coming up in what you call “March “ and also another mass infusion of Convergence energy coming in your “summer solstice “ as these are activated Stargate portals of The 3,6, 9 primordial Spirit matter force  .

Until the time comes , when your collective is ready for the finale’ For the crisendo the changeover the Mass Event Of finalised

(finite kinetic Photonic energy) .

And we can tell you it has already happened in our Now ‘ we have already felt it and embraced it with love ‘ and it is coming your way … We say this again it is coming your way……

I Mira of ( The Pleiadian high Council with our beloved Lady Anneya  &  Our Commander & Chief  ( Ash’Tar’Ke’ree )

Of The Jupiter Command Counterpart Of The Ashtar Command.

Express to you as I And We have expressed through many other Earth ambassador channels of Light.

That We are now in negotiations with All members of the Federations & Confederations that consists of the 52 star nations and councils of light , in this Quadrant sector of Federation space , for

(Final Contact)  with your species.

As we have said before

Final contact with a lower vibrational species of a 3rd /4th density realm fluctuates , it jumps with your timelines , that you as a collective control predominantly.

As we monitor your progress , we see how we can accomplish the mass landings & first contact ‘ , we see the timelines have moved ‘ and fluctuated over What you perceive in your linear expression as (years ) …..

So As your timelines change, and probable outcomes & energetics move ‘ ,

So do we , …

we move ‘ you move ‘ –

as you move , we move ,

it is simple , Timeline probable outcomes ebb and flow ….

So we ebb and flow with your progress ….

As a collective it is you beloveds Who fluctuate your timelines.


Your collective pushes the probabilities in many different directions onto many different quantum Algorithms…..

So we as your galactic family continue to send forth fluctuations of kinetic energy to you and your planet in “ intervals “ ,

and prepare ourselves for

(first contact.)

We in the federations & Councils have a protocol of

(None Interference ( with a lower vibrational realm & a planets inhabitants )

this is what is part of the (prime directive),

because you have FreeWill and we all operate in a free will universe.

But the protocol can be lifted  from the non-interference Codex

“ if ‘ ! …..critical mass of the planetary collective civilisation asks for our help and assistance , this then activates what we call

( primary interference)

This means we can manipulate the collective timeline and push the collective timeline onto the correct “line of site” . …..

And when a Collective timeline has reached its optimal highest level of frequency and vibration -this will then implement ( first contact )

and this is what you are moving onto now as a planetary collective.

Yes beloveds you as a collective have asked for this …

And we are getting closer and closer to the optimal timeline of first contact.

In your future timelines there are some hurdles that need to be jumped over as a collective, you have been going through a mild pole shift or (polarity reversal) …. That will increase in the mentum,  but this is nothing to fear ‘ as we do not operate in fear ,  all is perceived  levels of consciousness awareness,  and how you determine your outcome … will be precisely that… , it will be your outcome ….. As your soul contract was already determined way before your incarnation of exactly where you will be placed ‘at the right time and the linear fashion ‘ to experience all that you experience at once….. remember you chose this , you choose to experience all that you experience as a developing soul.

Now ‘ We do not give dates and times for (first contact)  for we operate in zero point ‘ we operate in the ever eternal Now , we do not operate with times and dates as all energy flows within zero point so there is no time.

So we ask you all To stay vigilant to stay steadfast , stay holding your light and anchor your light, …in the moments ahead…..

As The times are coming for when we will stand (hand in hand )

in a circle of unity both galactic and human, as these times are coming…,

For your planet will be an intergalactic star , part of an intergalactic Federation Of worlds ,

And you as galactic humans will be part of an intergalactic Federation of unity oneness fortitude 💕& love .

As We stand with you…..

As Brothers and sisters of all colour & creed ,

of all orientation


galactic and human ,

angelic and elemental…

there is no judgement there is only unity and oneness …

Here too cometh the hour ‘ Of The Golden age ‘ for your planet to join us in the federations as a Utopian & cornucopian Galactic Human society ……

And see to …. the days of peace and non-duality ….

So beloveds-

We bow to you in service of love and gratitude ,

I Mira Of The Pleiadian High Council- With Lady Anneya & Commander Ash’Tar’Ke’ree Of The Jupiter Command & Ashtar Command & Federations Of light .

Are with you always ❤️ with love and blessings ‘ ….

As the days are no longer dark …..

For the light has won …..

No more shall we hide in the shadows ……

For love has won …..

Channelled and telepathically communicated by

Ria Aurora Athena Ash ❤️🌹🕊