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Montague Keen via Veronica Keen, September 18, 2016

Montague Keen – September 18, 2016

As the corrupt struggle to hold on to power on Earth, the evidence of their struggle becomes more evident every day. Those who have ruled with a rod of iron, every aspect of your lives, can now be seen as the criminals they actually are. Now, they fear for their own survival. This was never part of their Grand Plan. You know that they cannot survive on Earth without your assistance. The moment you withdraw that assistance, all your problems will cease at once. Their crimes against humanity will have to be answered for. They must first be acknowledged. They are responsible for everything negative that mankind has had to endure. Come together and look at the research. They have never hidden their plans because they never expected you to awaken enough to be able to see what they were up to.

Look around you; those who speak out about what the Cabal has done and their plans for the future, are hounded down and locked up. This is happening worldwide. Are you supporting these people who stood up for truth and justice, or are you being cowardly, pretending it has nothing to do with you? When you stand together with those who have given their lives and their freedom, to help free you from the Cabal’s plans, then you will be free. You have a responsibility to stand together. The future depends on it.

There are innocent people in jails and prisons all over your world who were locked up because the Cabal feared them. These people need your support. They chose to return to Earth to rescue you. They were hounded down and mind-controlled. Many efforts to kill them have failed. Then the Cabal created situations to make it look as if a crime was committed in order to ensure they were locked up, in the hope that the State would kill them. One such is an innocent man whose mission on Earth is of the greatest importance. Your prayers, your love, and your concern, will create enough good energy for him to be set free. There are many such people locked up all over your world. These are people that the Cabal fears will expose their evil plans to take over your world. These innocent people need your help.

The Cabal is still pushing for opportunities to start World War III. Be on guard, do not believe their propaganda. War is never the answer, it just gives them an excuse to wipe out many more of you, which is all part of their plan. Foolish people among you, are happy to don uniforms and kill en masse, your own people. The sooner you step out of the political arena the better. Refuse to accept their plans for war. Take it upon yourselves to plan for peace and security for all. You have no idea how advanced the cabal’s evil plans are, and what they have hidden from you. They have advanced technology that would amaze you. They have decided to make your lives on Earth as difficult as possible because they need the ENERGY of your suffering, and your fear, in order to survive.

What will it take for humanity to survive and to thrive on Earth once more. Firstly, it would take the people of Ireland to wake up to WHO THEY ARE and WHAT IRELAND IS. That would expose the Cabal and its lies. That is all it would take for your world to change overnight. This is why the Vatican and the banks have a stranglehold on Ireland that is holding both the government and the people down. The English people took the first step in blocking the Cabal’s plans. In time they will come to realise the importance of their Brexit vote. That vote is seen as one mighty step against the plans of the Cabal. You need many more.

Time is of the essence, so prepare to help each other by reaching out to those who need to be rescued from the hands of the Cabal. The power of thought, of words, and of deeds, is what will assist you in releasing those who are trapped. Pray for those who are still held in Guantanamo Bay; THEIR SUFFERING GOES ON BECAUSE THEY NEED YOU TO SPEAK UP FOR THEM. Will you do so?

My dear, your health is suffering because of the stress levels imposed on you. We will succeed. The bond between the three of us can never be broken.

Always, your adoring, Monty.
Website: The Montague Keen Foundation