Mother Divine via Karen Vivenzio, April 11th, 2019


Crossing the Bridge, Mother Divine via Karen Vivenzio

Holy child you are so full of peace and joy – why are you entertaining any other reality at this time? It is up to you to create what you desire. So many times we have told you to watch your thoughts, as thought and word are the creators of form.

Do not persist in buying into others melodrama and negative thinking patterns. It is the patterns of thought that weave the foundation of your reality and what you experience in the outer and inner worlds. Will it be a foundation of joy and light or one of struggle and infinite strife?

You are crossing a bridge at this time. The foundation is a crystalline grid, filled with rainbow colors, connecting you to the higher dimensions. As you walk along this road on your pathway home, you must leave all lower vibrations at the entrance and as you walk through the gates of silver and gold, you must tread lightly for only the highest of vibrations will hold you dear one. Walk softly, speak only gentle tones, do not disrupt the harmony being offered to you. Hold yourself to a higher standard than you have ever before, for now you have entered the realms of heaven on earth and the vibration in this holy state should not be disturbed.

It has taken you many trials and tribulations, many ups and downs in your vibration, and yet still, you have persisted, you have believed in yourself, and you have continued walking – taking the path of light until now you find yourself at the crossroads – do you really want to leave it all behind or are you comfortable where you are standing – on the outside of the divide? Do you want to cross over to the other side, the subliminal life? Or are you still fancying to hold onto the world that you know, the habits you have most recently outgrown?

Are you ready to step forward, through the gates at this time, or do you have more healing to do before you may fully walk on this new path, this bridge of crystalline rainbow light? Do you trust yourself to tread softly enough? Do you have what it takes to check in with your heart and to act from the auspices of the sacred heart and mind? Or are you still holding onto the old thoughts, the old patterns and the head games going on within the lower mind?

Ego based fear must step aside. Ask yourself now, dear child, where you want to be in five years time? There is no rush. The choice is yours. The new world is waiting for you whenever you choose to be ready. Now is the time for the crossing over of so many and many more will follow in their own due time, for time is just a construct of your own unawakened mind. If you are worried about not being able to catch up or being left behind, this is simply a construct of the ego based mind. Do not fear the changes at hand. All will be brought to you when you are ready to step inside.

Now ask yourself, dearest child of mine, are you ready to step inside? To start the path that will bring you fully into the journey of light? Can you tread softly enough?

Have you had enough of the trauma around you? So much so that you want to step outside the matrix and cross through to the world that is waiting to embrace you?

Sit in the stillness and decide, are you ready for this brand new way of life?

We welcome you dearest child, as soon as you make up your mind, the choice is yours. The path has been set. It will not break or dissolve, it is here for you, and yet, you are the one to open the gate, you are the one to set your burdens aside and leave it outside. For once you step fully into your sacred heart and mind, you will find crystalline rivers flowing beneath the bridge of light, lush flowers growing on the banks on the other side, and infinite wisdom waiting for you in wings of the Angels opened wide. And you will hear the singing of the birds in the trees, and you will know for certain, this is heaven on earth and you have been waiting for it for all eternity.

Gratitude and grace welcome you into the sanctuary of hope – so let’s begin again, lay your burdens down and embrace all your friends. For many have come from star nations far and wide to welcome you home and witness the transition we have thus described.

I AM your blessed Mother, holy scribe, breathing the life into you – fresh and new and holy light.


With love and blessings, Karen

Via Karen J. Vivenzio,

Author: EARTH ANGEL: Find Your Power, Shine Your Light

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