Love is our new reality

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Mother Mary by Fran Zepeda , May 31

”In Pure Love Essence We Breathe Together”

Received May 28 2015

Hello beautiful LOVE BE-ings that you are. I come to you with the sweet LOVE ESSENCE that you ALL ARE — Complete and Whole in your Love BEing … In your sweet Love Essence. You breathe, pulse, and radiate Love with all that you are. Consider this as you tune into your quiet, still Heart Center. Love is all you are and all you are made up of. You are whole and complete in this Truth.
Many of you are feeling and discovering this. It is taking over your Reality. It feels simple yet very profound. You have allowed your Love Essence to emerge and stay at front center of your life now. It is the sweetness of BEing that you all have strived for. It is the sweetness of many lifetimes of striving to know and capture your True Essence. You have arrived. Yet, you still doubt it.

As you take up the awareness that YOU ARE LOVE in all its sweet glory, you begin to remember your roots: The pulsing beginnings of Love particles making up Source, profound and essential and infinite. You are discovering your True Divinity as you return your thoughts to your beginnings, that of Love and Purity.
Breathe with me now, as if you are the sweet essence of Source, the sweet beginnings of your Soul, the quiet knowing of your True Self. You are complete and whole only when you accept this Love Essence that you are.

It is that simple. Yet, the more you awaken to this, the more you tend to be distracted by all that is not Love. It is time to rein in this knowing and keep it ever close to your heart and awareness all the time. Breathe with me now and feel the LOVE.

Yes, I have come to you many times through this channel and others to commune with you and impress upon you the sweet Love Essence that you are. It goes so much deeper for you if you come to your center and feel it in every cell, every bone, every molecule, every atom and every space in between. As if sweet bubbles of Love are building within you with every breath of awareness that you take — that YOU ARE LOVE.

Feel it squeezing and exuding out of your pores, out of your perceptions, out of your awareness. Feel the Peace of it, feel the sweet Joy of it, feel the sweet knowing that you are a walking, talking entity of Love.

Your world is seemingly reduced to this now as you acknowledge this, but in reality it is expanded to encompass All-That-Is. The seeming small wonder of it is, in reality, the big explosive expansive TRUTH. You are sliding over to this new Reality the more you pull yourself in from the seeming distractions of the outside world and concerns. For in pulling in and gathering your love for yourself and others, you are remaking the world of your liking.

It may seem impossible, given all you perceive the world to be. However, the simple act of “receding” into your heart and building your love for yourself and others will exude out and touch everything in a slow yet deliberate, steady transformation.

You know this, dear ones, but I bring this knowing to you once again so you may live it more fully, more deeply. So that you may connect with your inner Selves more fully, and more deeply, and know that by connecting with your inner Selves and feeling the Unconditional Love that Source is, that you are transforming all within you and without you. It is that simple, yet to really live it, it is not so easy.
And so dear ones, I ask you to Breathe with me now, In Love, in and out, so that the air you breathe in is the Love from Source and the air you breathe out is the Love from Source, so that you are One and the same with Source.

As we breathe in and out together, we are Love, of Source, of Infinite Creation, of Joy, Abundance and Purity, and ever-building in intensity and Unity with all who does the same.


In Pure Love Essence, We Breathe Together,

Mother Mary
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