Love is our new reality

Mother Mary via Ann Dahlberg, February 16th, 2018

Mother Mary

Friday, February 16th, 2018

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Mother Mary and I just want to tell you that I love all of you – Also those of you who feel unloved and worthless. I love you too. There is no unloved or worthless soul. It is just something you yourself experience – a pattern you have picked up during your childhood. It is a pattern that now is time to brake, as your soul can feel the waves of the light and longs for love. It is time that you give yourself the love that you never got when you were a child. You are many dear children on Earth, who walk around with a halting heart. Let in the light and the love and give yourself that which you need. It is time to heal your hearts now. All old wounds come up to the surface now to be healed and cured. You can do this by forgiving yourself and others, and by giving yourself a little extra love. Understand that we can be victims to our patterns, but it is meant that these patterns should be broken now. New patterns are to be formed with love and trust instead. You came down to Earth in order to brake up all old patterns and to build new ones with more power and energy. Negative patterns require much energy and make you exhausted. In this condition you do not see clearly and illnesses can get into your body. With patterns of love, strength and energy you can keep yourself healthy and strong. This is also mirrored in the environment outside of you. You are what you have become. However, this you can change until you have become … what you are, your original healthy and loving self that has waited for the opportunity to return and take its rightful place in your body. The soul can feel the winds of love and are impatient to take command in your body. Give your soul the chance to be the leading party in your heart. Your life will all of a sudden change when you invite your soul to be fully present in your life. Memories, tears of worries and problems are swept away and light and pure energies replace the old ones.

Yes, it is a process dear children, but you will make it now and the gains are enormous. The joy and love that enters into your life gives you all you need and then some. You will never regret this step. You will thank your lucky star for having listened to the voice of your heart. It is the tears of liberation that you will cry and they will soon be replaced by tears of joy. You find your harmony and love in the Now. It is in your Now that you are everything and has everything. It is in the Now that you feel the stillness and can experience yourself as a part of everything. You can feel in your Now that you are more than you have become and that there is an enormous energy and force within you. It seethes in your veins and you are happy and grateful that you are who you are. A smile is on your lips and you feel that you are everything that is needed. Yes, dear children on Earth, you are all that is needed. You are the richness that you are waiting for. All this richness is within you. You are everything that is together with all that is. You are much loved dear children on Earth. Find the love within yourselves and you have found the meaning of your life.

I love you so much,

Mother Mary



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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