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Mother Mary via Ann Dahlberg, February 4th, 2017

Mother Mary

Saturday, February 4th, 2017

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Mother Mary and greet you here today. I am here to talk a bit of the higher energies that have arrived to Earth. They affect both your body and your soul. It is a transforming energy and many of you can feel it today. It might settle in here and there in your body and work with the blockages that exist there. Afterwards you will feel lighter in your body and primarily in those areas where the energy has been applied. The heavy energy has been forced to give way to the light energy. Do not worry, all of this will be passing and you will become more healthy than you every have been. Some of you feel a bit nauseous, others headaches, buzz in your ears and dizziness can also appear. Some might have more of these symptoms depending on how sensitive you are to these energies. It is important to rest and to take it easy. Let the energies take its course. Listen within to what the body needs so that the process will become as painless as possible. We will help you. Ask for help so that we can ease the process for you. The process has its path, but it can be made easier. Call on me and I will help you through the process in the smoothest way possible in relation to the blockages that you have.

We march towards our liberation and this goes for both the mind and the body. The mind is integrated with its soul and duality ceases to exist – you become One with yourselves and the life you are in. The new life can start with a whole new agenda compared to what you are used to. Everything can now be done with greater ease and the difficulties seem to disappear along the way. Everything finds a solution in a less problematic way. Everything flows, since the flow in your body does not meet any resistance. It lives completely in the flow between Mother Earth and your Creator. You are One with everything.

This is a big step my dear children and the moment of reunion is close. The family out there in the Universe is large and the circles of friends as well. It will be a fantastic reunion that will last a long time, as there are many that want to see you again. You have lived many lives and not all of them on Earth. Everything is endless, your lives are endless, there is much that you will see and understand when that day is here. We see that it is already here, but we can understand that you feel it is still too far away. Go within dear children and understand that it is already here. Everything is revealed within you. Feel the joy, the peace and quite there. It is part of all that is. The part that you now are fully developing towards, as long as you yourself dare to let go of the old and gratefully receive the new, in spite of the fact that it might slightly turn upside down the world that you live in today. Understand that all is an illusion and that everything is changeable. The world you see today will look completely different tomorrow. Accept all changes that bring you closer to yourself. You are a completely unique being and there are only one who is like you and that is yourself.

Think about that, dear children. You are unique and loved just as you are and nothing can change that.

I love you so much.

Mother Mary






Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan




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