Love is our new reality

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Mother Mary via Pamela Kibble, February 4th, 2022

Mary: True Beginnings

by Pamela Kribbe

In your life, you are influenced by your own personal cycles of development, depending on your age, gender and soul agreements. You are however also influenced by broader energy currents, which have to do with processes that the Earth, and humanity, as a whole are involved in.

There are energy currents at work in this time, which propel old and dark energies to the surface in a pace that may seem relentless if you do not trust the process.

Humanity as a whole is not prepared for the release of the old energy that now comes to the surface. The majority of people do not know how to handle deep emotional pain and the destructive energy that may result from it. You are adept at this. Still, it may overwhelm you as well.

You may feel submerged into layers of yourself which seem utterly unmanageable and alien to you. You may seem to go crazy. Perhaps you thought you had already dealt with the majority of issues that were on your plate in this life, and now another layer of fear or darkness is banging on your door, one you did not expect.

You may feel indignant about it, feel that you have processed enough and are ready to move on to a lighter life. This new pit of darkness may seem too hard to deal with.

I am here today to tell you not to lose heart and to keep faith in your journey. You are now entering a stage of your development in which you can no longer control your growth.

The area of consciousness expansion that you are entering is about surrendering and letting go. It’s not about doing certain exercises or visualizations, following a certain diet, or pursuing any discipline through which you seek to control life.

It is impossible to control the huge wave of energy that now wants to flow through your being.

Your soul wants to lift you up to this flow of energy because it is aware that it is a good flow.

However, your human personality is not able to see where it is leading up to. The human mind cannot understand where the flow of the soul is heading towards, so therefore you may feel desperate and out of tune with your intuition, your passion and general sense of direction.

If this is how you feel, please know that you’re not doing anything wrong. This sense of disorientation and chaos is always there when you are about to make a new start.

Truly new beginnings are always preceded by a period of chaos and crisis. The new cannot enter before the old falls apart.
You thought you had already let go of so much, and now you have to let go of even more.

Please be aware this is a meaningful process even if it doesn’t seem so. Try to remain in a space of trust and surrender, because that way you align yourself with the flow of your soul and you make the ride a bit easier for yourself.

Dear friend, you are wise. From your deepest core, where you are Spirit, where you are shining light, eternal and lovely, reach out to the fear that is inside of you.

You are much larger and stronger than your fear. You can reach out to it, like you would with a child, and tell it that it is safe with you, that you do not fear it, that you do not fear your own fear.

Do not try to get rid of it, because the intention to eliminate fear holds judgment in it. The fearful part of you will get more fearful if you take up battle with it, for then it gets the message that it is no good and that it is unworthy.

We are close to you. I represent the mother energy of Christ consciousness. Feel yourself enveloped by it. Perhaps you see it as a soft shining pink, a playful, yet very tender energy, gentle and soft. Allow it into your energy space, it can bring you healing. And by healing I do not mean “taking away your fear”, I mean accepting it, accepting it as the doorway to another reality, a more loving and light reality.

Be yourself, simply be yourself. Do not try to change yourself. You are already perfect. You are lovely. We see you, and recognize your struggle. We have much respect and honor for you.

Please allow my energy to comfort you. I do not want to change anything inside of you. I just want you to look at yourself in a different way. Even in the midst of your struggle you are an angel. You are beautiful.

Remember: after every night, a new day will come. The sun will shine again. It is inevitable. It is life resuming its natural course. Just like you cannot prevent the night from falling, you cannot prevent the day from coming. So, allow yourself to go through that motion and you will find yourself in a splendid new day-break.

By undertaking this journey within, you are helping many people on Earth, who are trying to find their inner road to freedom. You are paving the way for other lightworkers, who are in the beginning stages of their awakening, and they in turn will help people who are becoming more sensitive, wanting to open up to the reality of their soul.

We thank you for your work, your light work on Earth right now. You are never alone. We are joining you from the other side, please accept our love. It is our greatest joy to remember you of who you are.